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CHARGE SHEET Expedition & FAIR INVESTIGATION before CS !!! aturchatur (Most of these are the discussions of early 2014) Dear Freinds, CS can be expedited using rules by CVC for 3 months to complete investigation. CS needs to be based on FAIR INVESTIGATION. Now, I need suggestiopn from u people. Please provide me copy of a judgment by SUPREME COURT where SC held in January 2014 that, POLICE OR IO IS LIABLE TO BE PROSECUTED IF HE KNOWS THAT A PERSON IS INNOCENT BUT STILL FILES CHARGE SHEET. Friends, Pls remember that, when CS does NOT have any charge then its known as 'B' Report. Since, I relied on lawyers while in CAW so I could NOT do some steps which I knew already hence NOW i am NOT relying on any lawyer & fighting myself. CS Rules are as follows (sharing for all my friends here):- Read FIR & ask IO to provide allegations list before filing CS in court. This is your right but CS officers rarely follow this & they directl