Making of the ATUR CHATUR

friends, brothers, fellow victims, et al, in the year 2014, I (Atur Chatur) received threats from some group of people to stop guiding men victims of false cases, as such guidance by me to men victims of false cases, may pose serious threat to the earnings or commissions received by those group of people who deceive men victims of false cases by presenting themselves as ex-victims of false 498a or who pretend to be the real fighters who fought false DV or 125 maintenance cases. But I kept on guiding the men victims in the right direction as per my knowledge & expertise and also as per my own experiences fighting these false cases and gender discrimination in India so I wrote a complaint letter within such forum itself and when I repeated that complaint letter then my profile got deleted and I had no other option but to start my own service for the benefit of men victims of false cases. I wrote in hindi two pages and put that on internet in 2014. The contents of those two letters or pages can be viewed at and that complaint against those group of people is listed below for your kind perusal:-

Delhi Police Headquarters
M.S.O. Building
New Delhi – 110002

Copy to Cyber Cell of Delhi Police, New Delhi
Copy to Cyber Cell of Central Vigilance Commission, New Delhi
Copy to Jt CP, SPUWAC, Nanakpura, New Delhi
Copy to CBCID, New Delhi
Copy to DCP Outer District, Pushpanjali, New Delhi

Sub:- Reminder Complaint against constant threatening by some group pf people

Respected Sir,
Most humbly & respectfully I beg to inform that, I am Atur Chatur which is my pen name at xyz forum
My true profile has been listed at the profile aturchatur at xyz forum

I would like to inform that I made a complaint on 13th Oct'2014.
Source:- xyz forum/xy1

You are requested to kindly provide me the Action Taken Report which is also the right of the complainant to know the status of his complaint as above.

It is further informed that some more people have joined to the group of people discussed above with the intent to harm/ cause injury/ defame the reputation / continuous extending of threats/ threatening being inflicted upon the applicant directly & indirectly which can also be proved from the records that I am maintaining for thy purpose & can be submitted as & when required/ called for.

It is also informed respectfully that, despite the above complaint & also the following:-
Source:- xyz forum/xy2
these accused seem so fearless of the law that they are openly flouting the laws of the land. Therefore, the applicant also feels apprehensive to his life & requests to your esteemed authority to provide immediate police protection to the applicant.

In this regard, I request all communication to be made with me in writing so that I can provide all the details in respect thereof against all those law breaking citizens who try their every bit to deprive me of my right to freedom of speech & expression which can also be evident while you go about the whole link at:-
Source:- xyz forum/xy3

I again request your esteemed authority to kindly review the threats at the abovesaid link & initiate action against those involved throughout including all those who joined later in this criminal conspiracy against me r/w relevant provisions of IPC & CrPC and the sections & sub-sections contained therein which suit best.

That the applicant most humbly requests the cyber crime guys, PS/PHQ/IAS within this forum to preserve the life & liberty of the applicant which is also guaranteed vide constitution of india.

I request you to provide me with the action taken report at the earliest. If not I'll be compelled to approach the Central Vigilance Commission &/ or Delhi High Court &/ or for any attempt to suppress my complaint or any deliberate inaction or unexpected delay.

That the applicant most humbly prays with folded hands that all/any of the accused shall be bought to justice & their spouses & families be informed of their acts.

Thanking you
profile:- aturchatur

Friends, as a result of the above complaint by me especially the reminder complaint by me, (I do NOT want to disclose whether I actually sent that complaint to Cyber Cell or NOT.) most of those top notch agents/ commission agenst or pretentious vicitims of false cases RAN AWAY from that forum keeping their FOOT ON THEIR HEAD even after (immediately after) my profile got deleted from that forum. Interestingly, some of my friends, who used to post/ talk regularly at that forum and who were real fighters and who had a lot of knowledge and from whom  I learnt a lot, they also left that forum. It was almost an empty scenario so I DECIDED to start guiding people through a paid-cumfree service. As part of paid service the false cases suffering husbands/ harassed husbands can get appointment with me for consultation over the phone for which I charge some fees and after paying fees I guide them on phone about some counter tactics. And if they want me to write their court petitions or written statements, divorce cases, RCR petition or perjury application, CrPC 91, RTI’s FA, SA, CIC then I duly assist them after they pay me my fees. But there are more than 90% men victims of false cases who don’t have money to pay for my consultation and for such people I have put a lot of examples & petitions samples or other counter cases/ strategies or other knowledgeable matter at my various postings throughout the internet. Some of those links can be found at:-
and many more links so feel free to search on internet. For example:- if you want to search my fighting tactics or suggestions regarding complaint against a judge then go to internet and type in inverted quotes as follows:- “complaint against judge” by “atur chatur”

Best Wishes & Happy fighting false cases & SOCIAL STIGMA on u & family!!!


Mahatma Gandhi said, "IF YOU DON'T ASK, YOU DON'T GET"

Vidyavaan Guni Ati Chatur, Ram Kaj Karibe Ko Atur
Email :

disclaimer:- all advises here to be r/w profile


  1. Hi Friends,
    I am Subhash Chandra Basu from Faridabad
    I am a NRI from United States of America currently resided in Philadelphia.

    Being on a work permit, the life was NOT so easy as there were struggles initially.
    I got married to a delhi girl and before marriage they showed signs of greed. I was in touch of chatur sir, an expert in matrimonial matters for NRI.

    He suggested me NOT to marry this girl and that was my biggest mistake.
    I got her visa prepared and took her with me to USA and my sister who is in New Jersey, just attended marriage and went back to US after my marriage in February 2017

    Interestingly and shockingly, my marriage was scheduled in February but the in-laws got the marriage registered in January itself saying that this may help them in preparing documents. Since, I had contacted chatur sir immediately after that, hence, he advised me to challenge this marriage which is just on papers as this had been done to trap me which he found and I couldn't figure that out.

    Later on, she came to my home in Uttrakhand just for marriage and occasions like puja etc and later on went back to Delhi saying she is home sick.

    She directly took flight to USA from Delhi Airport and didn't went to my parents house for blessings before leaving for USA claiming lame excuses.

    She started spying on me immediately visiting USA and even asked for my bank account details including passwords which I didn't gave him and thank god as I was in touch of chatur sir.

    Chatur Sir advised me to keep my laptop ON and to keep recording the activities in my room and he advised me to ask my wife NOT to enter that room as that is my work area as some work is going on in my laptop and to record even these directions (as advised by chatur bhai) given mildly by me to my wife as this invoked my right to privacy on one hand and on the other hand this room of mine was allowed to record the events that happened in that room in my absence, which means that the wife cannot invoke right to privacy claims later on as her video was about to be recorded.

    As soon as I went to my job in USA and left my wife alone at home, within less than hour my wife used my laptop without my permission as I had requested her NOT to use my laptop or enter in that room.

    She contacted/ mailed/ chatted with her boyfriend in India who had been working with her at a Call Center Wipro in Noida (Delhi NCR) i.e., near south delhi (which I came to know later on).

    She went back to India making excuses within two months of short stay in USA and I sent her back.
    Then, without informing me, or calling me or talking to me for any troubles etc, she straight away went to Kirti Nagar Women Cell and filed a false crime against women cell complaint against me and my entire family including my sister who never shared a domestic relationship with her.

    I contacted chatur sir, and he suggested me steps to do, in order to close a false complaint in CAW Cell. I followed the advise and I am highly thankful that I followed these advises.

    I am now divorced in USA courts as her allegations like confinement in home were found irrelevant by US Courts as in certain states of USA, the residents are NOT permitted to lock their homes and further there is CCTV installed in our locality where I had my previous apartment.


    1. It's really nice to read your success story Subhash brother.
      I am from California in USA and I was in touch with men rights activists and other men groups in US and in India but I was vastly devastated as no one suggested me just those simple tactics which you have mentioned above.

      First, a Domestic violence case was lodged against me from India by my wife. I am myself a NRI and my wife is also a NRI as per her residential status.

      Now, after two years of proceedings at the court, my wife has filed CAW Cell Complaint in Delhi. I want to know the strategy followed by you and how were you able to close the crime against women cell complaint by your wife so that I may get some help from your course of action and make my plans accordingly.

      My email id is:
      AZHAR (Non Resident Indian from Orange, CA)

    2. thanks for the help to nri husbands from all over india. this is perhaps the only 498a helpline which understands the pain of the non resident husbands and thats why you prepare rti's & ltr's accordingly

    3. in one ltr all the mess was badly troubled & police contacted me that wife wants to settle the matter. your ltr is magic brother & now nri's do not need to worry indian girls in 498a all due to your helpline sir. thanks & all the best

    4. its so much thrilling to read about your making atur bhai. your help for my nri son in dubai is really commendable & you are the best criminal attorney in town brother

  2. Sir, I feel like saluting you in this great work for helping the NRI victims husbands in false 498a
    I was myself associated with women helplines for a long time but when my own brother got into a false 498a by his wife then I found that I should have been working with NRI 498A HELPLINE like the one I found at:-

    also suggest me some ways so that sisters of 498a victims can join you sir.
    Megha, Soutth Delhi

  3. I am thankful for having used such nice professor in fighting my false cases especially in 2015 when I was totally devastated.
    That time I found that atur chatur had been banned by a group of lawyers as he was innocently helping men/ husbands and NRI husbands like me in false 498a matters and that he was not even charging any fees for his help and knowledge sharing.

    So, I did NOT believed in all those losers on the internet who wanted men to fight false cases with the help of lawyers only.

    I was a NRI husband that time in 2015 and even before that in 2014 when I was in USA, I used to read a lot about atur chatur when he was helping without any fees and I used to wonder what a great person this atur chatur guy is.

    Now, in 2019, I feel very proud to inform that atur chatur is an expert in ipc 498a and NRI matrimonial disputes and hence this guy is recommended for NRI victims of false 498a and legal extortion by their disgruntled wives in India and even though I am now in India due to non-extension of my VISA (Non Immigrant Worker Visa) of USA but still there is every possibility to fight a false 498a FIR without coming to India and without using an advocate and atur chatur may be the only guy in India online who may guide you in the best manner as per the best of my knowledge.
    Mahesh from Delhi

  4. I wish to thank my brother for searching and contacting aturchatur for NRI Consultation.
    We booked two hours his consultation by paying him 4k but the consultation lasted for more than three hours without extra charges by atur chatur sir.

    The most important point that he suggested me and my brother during conversation was that:-
    We need to file a LTR Fair and Unbiased Investigation
    and immediately after that we need to work on the implementation and enforceability of the LTR

    I and my brother were in Conversation mode when we called atur chatur in India for NRI Consultation. We both siblings in different states of US.

    Initially, I was not convinced about filing LTR as this is not we had contacted atur chatur for NRI Consultation in 498a ipc FIR and simply we wanted to remove the names of three accused A2, A3 and A4 who are, our mother, myself 41 years old and my younger sister 39 years old.

    My brother is 36 years old and our mother is a senior citizen who lives in India in Delhi.
    My younger sister has recently moved to Australia with her husband and I have my US Citizenship alongwith my husband since long as we are in USA for last 15 years approx.

    My brother is also about to get GreenCard which is under process but this FIR has made us worried and we contacted atur chatur as our sole or the first aim was to remove the names of the three ladies i.e., my mother, myself and my younger sister and we never wanted to file a LTR and we asked aturchatur sir about what a LTR is and how this LTR may be able to remove the names of three female accused from the FIR, if in case that's possible.

    Then, atur chatur sir, took his time to explain us, as to how the names can be removed in a FIR.

    He told us that, LTR which he intends to file means a Lego-Technical Representation and this LTR may be filed to push the police for Fair and Unbiased Investigation. He told us that if the investigation is fair then that means:-
    (a) our docs may come on-record which rarely happens otherwise for an accused without filing a SC Judggment/s based LTR, and
    (b) the investigation happens as per our LTR

    which may result in pushing our CrPC 91 alongwith the LTR through police may gather evidences from the complainant which are actually null proving the case to be false, at least against the three female accused in FIR especially those three accused females who live all in different countries or states in USA.

    But still, we were NOT convinced as to WHY & HOW these three accused names may be removed in the LTR.

    He guided us that, if the LTR F&UI is filed and the Investigation is done fairly and the husband's evidences or docs are put on-record then the police/ state does fair investigation and if the investigation is fair then those names may be very easily removed which are females living in different countries and also where the allegations are not grave or specific.

    He also suggested us that, B-Report is the procedure to cancel a FIR by submitting the FR (Final Report) which is infact a FRT i.e., the Final Report of Truth

    And if the B-Report is prepared for all the accused in a FIR then that is called as Procedure to Cancel a false FIR
    but if only the names of all female accused in a FIR is removed through B-Report only in favor of those accused then that is called as NAME REMOVAL OF FEMALE ACCUSED FROM 498A FIR by pressing for B-Report vis-a-vis Fair and Unbiased Investigation.

  5. Contd . . . . . . . . .
    I am really happy to have contacted such a nice guy in India who has crystal clarity about the concepts in closing a FIR in India legally or technically as the FIR in itself is a technical document and if there are any technical errors in a FIR, then the SSP Can Cancel FIR by directions/ application to the concerned court.

    Further, I wanted to say that, my mother is on bail after receiving CrPC 41a Notice and chatur sir advised me never to file for quash or else restrictions may be placed on us like order to come to India to attend court proceedings, submission or impounding of passport or travel restrictions which may seriously dampen the career prospects of a NRI husband.

    Hence, I was guided by atur chatur to either file a LTR from mother's side or directly from my brother's side who may file it without coming to India and without using an advocate and without even giving power of attorney to any relative or advocate in India.

    Hence, I am about to come to India this summer and I was worried if LOC got issued against me or NOT and atur chatur sir told me that this LOC or Proclaimed Offender or Red Corner Notice or Even a Blue Corner Notices etc can not be issued with so much laxity but still he advised us to file a LTR to push for fair and unbiased investigation which may help each four of us and also this LTR may help us in getting protection from false and arbitrary arrest.

    All thanks to Atur chatur for this nice service for helping NRI's especially his website:-
    as this site clearly explains why quash should NOT be applied

    and also I got immense knowledge from his website SOCIAL STIGMA at the link below:-

    as the opening paras if this blog explains as to

    and later on the same website SOCIAL STIGMA explained about what a LTR is and how an LTR may help the NRI's like me and my brother who have been illegally trapped by the sister-in-law

    Further, just wanted to add that, my brother and his wife both were divorcees and this was a second marriage for both.
    My brother was an extremely innocent in both his marriages but this lady was experienced 498a lady and we did a major mistake to marry our brother to such a person but now we are highly confident that atur chatur sir and blessings of you all men rights people out there would be able to get us out of this mess very soon.

    Thanks & would like to salute atur chatur sir to dedicate his life for the service of nation i.e., helping men and his relatives in false 498a and this is such a nice service for Non Resident Indians I must say.
    Best Wishes and keep up the good work sir.
    I will be paying for the LTR soon hopefully within a day or two after consulting with my brother as to whether we would be filing LTR from my mother's side or directly from my brother's side without coming to India and without engaging any advocate/ lawyer etc in this fight against false cases.

    You have the blessings of thousands of NRI's like me and my brother.
    I will surely spread the word out about the genuine guys like you in India who are helping NRI's day and night in false 498a ipc FIR cancellation related matters.

    Thanks again sir

    NAINA VIG, American Citizen (a Person of Indian Origin)

    1. NRI ANIL AHUJA USA27 February 2019 at 02:31

      I am NRI Anil Saluja from Orange USA
      I have read your story Naina Vig and your story is similar to mine but my story is about:-
      or the L1 VISA FRAUD

      My second wife made a fool of me.
      She married me and I took her to USA with me on H4 Visa i.e., dependent visa.

      This lady did not had any intention to settle with me in USA and she just had the intention to settle herself and her boyfriend in USA by making me a scapegoat.

      She was already earning Rs.1,30,000/- around from her Indian Company in Bangalore which I came to know while her documents were required to be submitted for her H4 Visa Application.

      This experienced 498a lady played a very cunning tactic with me.
      She gave an application for L1 Visa for her employment transfer in USA Office of that MNC in Bangalore and same time applied for L1 Visa.

      She married me and got H4 Visa and from the location where we were settled in USA, Virginia was a 8 to 12 hours drive.

      Immediately on visting USA with me she did rigorous sex with me and satisfied me to the fullest. I was happy to find such a nice life partner at least this time I felt lucky, after my last marriage scrambled in 498a and DV and other false maintenance cases by my ex-wife.

      This lady after satisfying me insisted me to shift to Virginia as her Bangalore based MNC has a office in Virginia and my Office in USA also has a branch office i Virginia and I readily accepted her offer without understanding what's going on with me.

      I never knew that, before marrying me she had carved out a dangerous plan with her boyfriend named Abdul Qazim in bangalore (whom later on reaching she pretended be to the co-worker in Bangalore)

      Before going on further, I want to tell you all NRI's there that, ONE BIGGEST MISTAKE that I did while marrying her and this mistake was to register the marriage in the marriage registrar's registry before the date of actual marriage.

      This is the biggest mistake and the major game plan of the 498a girls and their families who marry the NRI husbands because by getting the marriage registered before the date of actual customary marriage clears her intention to settle in USA.

      Hence, to all my Non Resident Indian brothers out there in USA, NZ, AUS, UK, Middle East etc, I want to say that:- If a girl or her family asks you to get the marriage registered before the date of actual marriage then never marry such girl or even better you insist that the marriage will be registered after the date of marriage and after honeymoon and if the girl or her family is adamant to get the marriage registered first and then to get married customary then you may feel the dal to be black i.e., something fishy.

      Now, let me tell the story of ABDUL QAZIM and my second 498a wife in VIRGINIA USA as follows:-

      We reached in around 12 hours drive to Virginia and immediately on reaching Virginia, my wife got a call from Abdul Qazim who pretended to be her office colleague from Bangalore who has come to Virginia USA on an office assignment and wanted to meet my second 498a wife and her NRI husband i.e., me

      I first said no as we were tired but on wife's insistence and persuasion I said yes and we called him for a dinner out and after the dinner my wife asked me that she wants to go with him to his apartment and have some talks.

      I raised objection as it was late night and my wife came there to be my wife and not to spend night with some other man from India. She started arguing with me and I remained adamant so she came back with me in our Virginia Apartment but she slept in different room in the apartment in USA which I had taken on hire.

      I forgot to tell an important fraud about L1 VISA which I want to share with you guys now as follows:-

      This lady while marrying me took just three months paid leave from her Bangalore Office and asked them that she will join back the duties after three months and simultaneously applied for L1 VISA
      and also married me and got her H4 Visa

      She is a very highly qualified Computer Engineer (Software Er to be precise) and her pay packet is very heavy.

    2. NRI ANIL AHUJA USA27 February 2019 at 02:39

      continued . . . .

      She had planned to settle in USA with Abdul Qazim and she wanted to settle with him in USA i.e., VIRGINIA STATE in USA

      And I contacted Non Resident Indians in USA who had suffered from false 498a and I also came in contact with USA based Men Rights Activists groups working in USA for the NRI husbands in 498a matter but to no avail.

      And then I contacted NRI 498A HELPLINE from India run by ATUR CHATUR and this guy was so brilliant in NRI matters that he helped me file LTR Fair and Unbiased Investigation which had weaken the 498a FIR of my wife. I am looking to use his services again for clearing the entire mess.

      Thanks to the team atur chatur for helping NRI guys in USA and other countries abroad as we never feel alone in USA etc if the great helper from India is there to help you vis-a-vis NRI 498A HELPLINE:-

      as this was the ever needed helpline for non resident indian husbands in USA because the existing guys in USA sucks and they themselves don't have knowledge about the laws or the procedures and they are just there to make fun of you or to sympathize with you but we don't need sympathy when a false 498a is filed on us i.e., NRI husbands in USA as we want counter attack or at least we want to compromise the false 498a as suggested by atur chatur sir on the link below:-

      I always wanted to settle the matter with my wife and I started looking for settlement in 498a related sites which lead me to:-

      and from this site I reached on Compromise Wala site above which helped me understand the real procedures to settle a matrimonial dispute and regarding why not to file for quash the site referred by Ms. Naina is just perfect.

      Thanks atur chatur sir for being such a nice helper for we NRI husbands in USA and you are the best. I will also surely spread the word about you as honest and genuine people like you need the boost and popularity and I am there with you sir, in this fight against biased laws in India

  6. I am NRI presently in USA.
    what is the process to file a LTR to fight DV

    I got married in India in july 2018. My wife came to US along with me on Aug 23 2018 but she did not like US for unknown reasons and she was planning to plot her exit plan since October 2018 (which I came to know from data recovery of my laptop recently) itself. On dec 11, she left me and US and she fled back to India and filed a false 498a FIR and also a false Domestic Violence against me as a private complaint in the family court,

    my parents and my sister in USA and her family were also charged with false allegations.

    However, all we received so far was a notice from the court to appear on a date that was already passed i.e., post dated summon.

    Technically it is wrong to send a summon after the date of hearing.

    But we found out that, the case i.e., dv case has been called for trial one month after the date of filing and it was wrongly typed by the court i.e., typing mistake.

    My father went and got a lawyer engaged but that was such a stupid guy that he couldn't even get a copy of charge sheet yet.

    There was no mediation talk and even the pamphlet of mediation as mandated by the Supreme Court and also as written in the court order sheet was neither happened nor any reconciliation attempt was done by the court or the counsels of either side.

    I am wondering as to what's going on.

    what is the process of hiring a lawyer to fight this case on my behalf in kochi?

    And if the case can be fought party in person, then, I heard we can not do power of attorney in a domestic violence case so is this possible to file a LTR as suggested by atur chatur.

    The first trial date is march 19, 2019. Please advice.
    I am a NRI currently posted in a Software Engineering Company in Silicon Valley, USA.

  7. A Non Resident Indian (NRI) husband when trapped in a false 498a FIR looks for help seeking Quash Petition or Samples of a Quash Application u/s 482 Criminal Procedure Code.

    But, in order to have a better discussion on the dowry laws procedures and especially relating to closing of a false FIR under section 498a ipc FIR, then as per Atur Chatur, one may contact the NRI 498a Helpline in India for the NRI husbands.


    The above website for NRI Quash relates to some steps which may be done by a NRI before he files a quash petition so that the chances of success of a Quash Petition are higher for the simple reason that a Quash u/s 482 crpc or a Bail or Anticipatory Bail u/s 438 or u/s 439 CrPC may comes with conditions such as:-
    - Travel Restrictions
    - Passport Impounding
    - Attending Court or Joining Police Investigation by personal visit to India despite the busy schedule of the Non Resident Indian husband who may be working in USA/ UK/ Dubai/ Australia/ NZ etc

    Hence, vis-a-vis a NRI Men Cell or a Helpline for the NRI's especially for the NRI husbands to counter false 498a, the help may be sought from:-

    Since a false FIR is a human rights issue for a NRI husband, hence, it may be utmost necessary to invoke the Human Rights of the Non Resident Indian husband living abroad so that the wife does not get blue corner notice or god forbid even a red corner notice issued against a NRI by contacting USA Immigration against the NRI husband using her false, wild/ bald and concocted stories.
    Therefore, Human Rights of a NRI may be invoked by understaindg some key human rights issues related to a NRI husband listed at:-

    if any help is needed then contact any time (24 hours):-


    or visit the website:-

  8. atur chatur helpline for men in false 498a (9873540498) for NRI (Non Resident Indian) may help a NRI in knowing how to reduce alimony because the alimony or maintenance may be cut by invoking human rights and attacking legal extortion at the right point

    a LTR may be the right approach if the husband wishes to expose falsity of wife thereby reducing alimony or may be arriving at Zero Alimony for the wife based on LTR as per

    In Delhi also such NRI from all over India may be able to get help from Atur Chatur by his able consultation

    so, go ahead and file LTR

  9. Singham NRI Canada6 March 2022 at 17:04

    My wife filed CAW Cell Complaint. I approached Man Cell. They got me prepared a LTR Bail. I filed Anticipatory Bail u/s 438 CrPC party in person as the Lego-Technical Representation was prepared in a very strong manner including several judgments due to which technically the bail can't be rejected. My wife had included stringent POCSO Sections, Female Foeticide, Attempt to Murder & Unnatural Sex false allegations against me and our love affair before marriage and marriage inclduing 498a FIR and the matter was still in CAW Cell and every lawyer, Men Rights NGOs, Save Family, Whatsapp groups MRAs & Men Rights Whatsapp group and the so called Dharnajeevis (Dharna Gangs) of India who arrange political inclined dharnas in the name of purush aayog in delhi, everyone from lower court till supreme court advocate suggested me to allow the FIR to happen, but Men Cell Delhi in Rohini Sector-3 near Jaipur Golden Hospital suggested me to take action against the false caw cell complaint of my wife and also apply for bail party in person and both these actions in a lego-technical manner. Interestingly, when I was about to enter courtroom, my sister sent a lawyer to accompany me, and since it was my unmarried elder sister's advise I took him and that lawyer told judge to withdraw my complaint, but aturchatur sir from MAN CELL have already guided me NOT to withdraw bail application as WITHDRAWAL IS AS GOOD AS DISMISSAL and I directly spoke with judge that I do NOT want to withdraw the bail application & I pressed my bail application. RESULT:- I got Notice Bail. Thereafter, we filed LTR instead of simple complaints against wife which would have backfired certainly. The LTR was however a good decision and it worked wonders inmy favor. All thanks to atur chatur sir from team men cell delhi for the help in closing a false caw cell complaint in the crime against woman cell in delhi.

  10. Thanks for being there sir for the false 498a victim families

  11. apki jai ho bhai. hum apke sath hain is ladhai me

  12. Closing a false complaint of a wife is important or else whatever action you take later on, may squarely fall under AFTER THOUGHTS

    There are several Dharnajeevis, MRA NGO's, Lawyers, Pseudo Activists on internet who WIN THE TRUST of men victims & destroy even those genuine cases which can be very easily resolved, and once the husband falls under such traps then his case becomes unsolvable

    purush aayog>


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