How to close false CAW or false FIR?

सावधान: अगर आप अपनी पत्नी के खिलाफ शिकायत (Complaint) करना चाहते हैं तो रुक जाइये नहीं तो आपकी अपनी शिकायत आपके खुद के खिलाफ उलटी पड़ जायेगी और भारतीय कानून आपकी अबला नारी की ही सुनेगा और आपको पत्नी के खिलाफ अनाप-शनाप बातें लिखने का दोषी करार दिया जाएगा, इसलिए आपको अपनी पत्नी के खिलाफ शिकायत नहीं करनी बल्कि एक स्ट्रांग LTR लगाना है वो भी enforceability के साथ, तभी आपकी पत्नी के खिलाफ कोई एक्शन होगा नहीं तो आप खुद अपनी ही कंप्लेंट / शिकायत में फंस जाओगे | प्यारे प्यारे दोस्तों, अगर आपकी पत्नी आपको झूठे केस में फंसाने की धमकी देती है या गालियां देती है या परेशान  करती है या झूठा मुकदमा करती है तो आपको अपनी पत्नी के खिलाफ तुरंत एक स्ट्रांग LTR (या Silent LTR जो आपकी पत्नी को पता ही नहीं चले) लगा देना चाहिए | LTR के बारे में अधिक जानकारी के लिए ये पूरा पेज ध्यान से पढ़ें | और LTR से सम्बंधित किसी भी प्रकार की मदद के लिए नीचे दिए ईमेल पर संपर्क करें| आपका धन्यवाद दोस्तों| भगवान् (और भारतीय कानून) आपकी मदद करे यही हमारा प्रयास है ताकि कोई भी पत्नी अपने पति या उसके परिवार को झूठे मुकदद्मों के सोशल स्टिग्मा (SOCIAL STIGMA) में न झोंक सके|

False CAW Cell Complaint must be broken down even before a harassed husband is allowed to see the CAW Complaint. This urgency in breaking a false CAW Complaint is important but instead of that the harassed husbands are being misguided & demoralized by unscrupulous l@wyers (by saying these things to CAW Cell Husbands) as follows:-
(a) Do NOT worry about false CAW Cell Complaint, YOU WILL EASILY GET ANTICIPATORY BAIL []
(b) Shift the CAW Cell Complaint from Police Station to Court SO THAT POLICE DOES NOT HARASS YOU []
(c) Your wife filed CAW Cell Complaint from another Jurisdiction SO YOU DO NOT GO TO CAW CELL []
(d) Since you are a NRI and therefore CAW Cell has sent you email SO YOU MUST SEND AN EMAIL REPLY TO CAW CELL []
(e) Since you are a NRI hence YOU MUST APPLY FOR STAY IN HIGH COURT []
(f) Since your wife has put a false case on your NRI sister, YOU MUST APPLY FOR QUASH FOR YOUR SISTER []


As per Atur Chatur,

(a) why to apply for BAIL (A.B.) and prove yourself as culprit when you have NOT done anything wrong []

(a) Mini-Trial is the right of the husband if he has un-rebuttable evidences i.e., evidences which clearly show that he is innocent. Atur Chatur uses the recent Supreme Court Judgment for Mini Trial but some unethical lawyers/ advocates & their Commission Agents may be spread over the internet who may pose themselves as MRA (men rights activist) and they may misguide the husbands in believing that mini-trial is not allowed under the law. This type of suggestion by any lawyer or advocate or mra is a wrong suggestion hence husband must understand that even the Supreme Court permits mini-trial and further, along with this Supreme Court Judgment, we may also invoke the Human Rights of the husband or accused in FIR and this makes is a very strong case for the husband or accused in FIR, because as per the human rights, a false case may not be put to trial if such false complaint is not triable based on the unrebuttable evidences of the husband and therefore putting any such matter into trial is the violation of human rights of the husband or other accused. It is pertinent to mention here that, asking an accused to stand in such trial would be an abuse of the process of the court because laws for women were made only to protect the real victims and not to be used as a tool of legal extortion by disgruntled wives as per Hon'ble Supreme Court of India. All relevant  recent Supreme Court Judgments may be included in the LTR (lego-technical representation) prepared by aturchatur to make it a very strong case for the husband, so dear husband or husband, do not apply for anticipatory bail otherwise accused may be bind with conditions in anticipatory bail and remember that when the matter may be closed legally or technically within the CAW Cell or Police Station FIR itself then one should not bind himself with conditions in anticipatory bail. []

(b) why to shift the CAW Cell to court when the false CAW Cell Complaint may be closed at the CAW Cell []

(c) why to APPROACH HIGH COURT when a false complaint may be closed at CAW Cell Level itself or may be closed at Police Station Level itself or may be closed at Lower Court or District Court Level itself. []

(d) why to waste your years in false FIR and may be running like a Proclaimed Offender at later stages (in case wife uses unethical lawyers or corruption) when a false complaint may be closed at CAW Cell Level itself or may be closed at Police Station Level itself or may be closed at Lower Court or District Court Level itself. []

(e) why not protect yourself from arrest using below mentioned Lego-Technical Representation in case the CAW Cell Complaint is found to be using Immediate Arrest Sections like 307, 313, 376, 377 []

(f) why not invoke Supreme Court of India Judgments using below mentioned Lego-Technical Representation in case the CAW Cell Complaint is found to be pushed using corruption []

(g) why not counter attack on your wife's false CAW/ Police Complaints even before reading the CAW Cell Complaint (or after reading those unofficially) in such a manner that your counter attack looks like a fresh/ first petition instead of looking like an after thought or looking like a counter attack for wrecking vengeance []

(h) why to come to India to fight a false case when you may fight a false case without coming to India []

(i) why to use a lawyer when a false complaint or false court case may be closed yourself without using a lawyer and without going to CAW Cell or without going to Court or without going to Police and without using any POA (Power of Attorney) or without coming to India or without going to different state/ city at least in the initial stages or for a considerable period of time (legally or technically) using CrPC provisions or using SUPREME COURT OF INDIA JUDGMENTS[]

So, [] Do NOT use any lawyer or advocate [
in this fight against false criminal cases (or false Police Complaints in India or abroad) by wife or by those women who try to trap their boyfriend or neighbour or landlord or husband or husband's relatives in false complaints including false 376 IPC (false Rape charges) or false 377 IPC (false Unnatural Sexor false 313 IPC (false Abortion or false Female Foeticide) or false 307 IPC (false Attempt to Murder using false MLC/MLR from Govt Hospital or forged Medical Documents or fake and fabricated Photographs) against men or against young boys/ colleagues or classmates or husband or husband's relatives or women relatives of these men or boys to pressurize these boys/men  to marry her or to extort money illegally from Men or Boys or Husbands and their families or just to simply harass any of the above by filing false Police Complaints by disgruntled wives or other woman. []

Lego-Technical Representation

Harassed Husband in (false) CAW CELL complaint is suggested to get prepared a Lego-Technical Representation by aturchatur and this Lego-Technical Representation should be prepared even before the husband could read CAW CELL COMPLAINT and this Lego-Technical Representation must be filed without any lawyer and without coming to India. In this regard, it is pertinent to mention here that, there are certain provisions under criminal procedure code which should be personally DONE by husband and NOT through advocate. And therefore, if you are a Indian resident husband or NRI (non-resident Indian) husband whose wife has filed Complaint in Crime Against Women Cell then you need to use these CrPC provisions (for which an Advocate is NOT allowed as per law r/w Criminal Procedure Code) to close false 498a or to close CAW CELL or false POLICE COMPLAINT OF WIFE for which you may order aturchatur to immediately start preparing your case related Lego-Technical Representation which includes all the legal or technical points as per the evidences and rebuttals you have against your wife's falsity or wrongs.

[Fees = Rs. 39,999/- only


Note:- In the above fees of LTR, you get upto 63 days of written assistance, and within these 63 days, whatever number of LTR's are required in your cases (be it in police or courts or caw cell or RTI or dv or 498a or 125 crpc or hama or civil or divorce or rcr or maintenance or perjury or other matters), all these LTR's are prepared at Zero Additional Fees. Furthermore, it has been often seen that, the very first LTR is usually so strong that this LTR may put you in winning situation, so friends, what are you waiting for? Right away Consult your matter with atur chatur & get your LTR's or Silent LTR's prepared and thereafter implement and enforce these LTR's as suggested by atur chatur to come out of false cases & threatening etc on you and your family by your wife, neighbour lady, girlfriend or anyone else. We also help you in LTR Settlement, LTR Mediation, LTR Compromise, LTR Divorce & Forced Settlement at your terms in a false 498a/ dv/ maintenance/ child custody/ visitation/ false rape/ molestation/ IPC 377, 307, 376, 375, 109, 420, 323, 328, 354 & other matter. We also provide assistance for Non Resident Indians on Matrimonial & Property matters i.e., LTR NRI, LTR LOC, LTR Absconder (PO), LTR Immigration, LTR PR Issues, LTR PCC, LTR RCN BCN & Interpol, LTR Passport (Impounding, Renewal & Police Clearance Certificate), LTR Women Cell, LTR Divorce (Mutual, Ex-parte & Foreign Divorce Validity Enforcement in India), LTR Eviction & Injunction, LTR Second Marriage Without Divorce, LTR Agreement based marriage, LTR Livein Relationship, LTR Sex with Employee & a lot more so please get consultation (on phone or email) with atur chatur now!!

NOTE:- Such type of Lego-Technical Representation using above provisions may help protect anyone from false cases and abuse by wife or any woman like:- abuse (galiyan) by wife or women, threat by any woman, young boy trapped by girlfriend, false POCSO filed by a minor girl against boyfriend or against married man or against any man on instigation by her relatives, when wife leaves home without threat, when wife runs away with minor child without husband consent, when husband wants child custody, when husband is not allowed to meet or talk to his minor child, when wif is about to go to CAW Cell, when wife files a false police complaint or CAW Ceel complaint, when wife abuses relatives of husband or asks husband to separate from his parents, when husband is harassed or shouted at within CAW Cell, when Police or IO asks for bribe from husband to close a false CAW or Police Complaint or a false 107/ 151 complaint by wife or by any other woman, when false FIR is filed, when false FIR turns into false CS where that false CS is simply a copy paste of FIR, when CS is necessary to be returned due to lacunaes or due to false or shoddy investigation, when CBI investigation is required in a false case, when the false complaint relates to CB-CID, when false crpc 125 for maintenance is filed, when false section 23 DV Ac for maintenance is filed, when false 498a is filed, when false Civil cases like sec-10 Special Marriages Act or sec-13 Dissolution of Marriage under HMA or sec-9 RCR (Restitution of Conjugal Rights) or sec-24 HMA for Maintenance is filed with supporting false affidavit (Sworn Affidavit) to provide material financial loss or other material loss to husband or boyfriend or any married man, when 420 IPC is committed by wife, when wife's family has a criminal background, when wife or that false case filing woman has family history of other woman who filed similar false cases on other men or boys, prostitute blackmailing problems, live-in partner filing false domestic violence complaint against colleague or friend, when consensual sex is shown to appear as forced sex falsely by any women or by a transgender (lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender), when second marriage of the wife is hided by her or she agrees to give her child from first marriage to her parents or relatives just to obtain the consent of the new husband falsely without any intention in respect thereof including abuses, threats and other wrongs by such women, when it is second marriage for both boy & girl and the wife threatens to file false case or files cases against the husband using her past experience, when wife occupies the property of NRI husband or his relatives forcefully and files false cases as a shield to capture such property or to silent the NRI husband or his relatives, when previous husband of a widow died of mysterious circumstances and the new husband or new victim of false cases by such women gets evidences from parents of past husbands about the modus operandi used by such disgruntled woman or any other form of Legal Terrorism of any type whatsoever.

Best Wishes & Happy Fighting false cases & SOCIAL STIGMA on u & family!!!
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ये   LTR    LTR    क्या है ???
aturchatur wrote:
dear friends, people are again and again asking me what is this LTR so before I answer you this question kindly watch this lovely song which is reminded to me whenever people ask me through email this question ये LTR LTR क्या है ?

Similarly, my answer to the question ये   LTR    LTR    क्या है ??? is as follows:-

जब पुलिसवाली (caw cell) को पति की बात समझ नहीं आती है और वो (I.O.) पति पर चिल्लाती है तो दिल करता है LTR LTR
जब जज तुम्हारी ओब्जेक्शन्स को आर्डर शीट में नहीं लिखती है और वो पति पर चिल्लाती है तो दिल करता है LTR LTR
जब पति के पास हज़ारों सबूत हैं पर पुलिस या कोर्ट सिर्फ पत्नी की ही सुनती है तो दिल करता है  LTR LTR
जब तुम्हारे सबूतों पर कोई भी कार्यवाही नहीं होती है तो दिल करता है   LTR LTR
 जब जज तुम्हारी परजरी 340 को रिजेक्ट कर देता है या होल्ड में डाल देता है तो दिल करता है LTR LTR
जब जज पति को PO घोषित कर देता है और उसके माँ बाप के पासपोर्ट ज़ब्त कर लेता है तो दिल करता है LTR LTR
जब जज कैबिन में ले जा कर पति को धमकाता है की सेटलमेंट कर ले नहीं तो मेंटेनेंस लगा कर जेल में डाल दूंगा तो दिल करता है LTR LTR
जब जज CCTV रिकॉर्डिंग को कोर्ट में allow नहीं करता है तो दिल करता है LTR LTR
जब पति CAW में कहता है की मैं पत्नी के साथ रहना चाहता हूँ पर IO प्रेशर डालता है की पैसे दे कर सेटलमेंट कर ले नहीं तो तुम्हारी FIR काट दूंगा तो दिल करता है LTR LTR
जब मेडिएशन में मीडिएटर गलत रिपोर्ट बनाता है और शांत पति को आक्रमक दिखाता है और पति की औकात से ज्यादा पैसा लाने का प्रेशर बनाता है तो दिल करता है LTR LTR
जब पति CAW में सारे सबूत दिखाता है और IO पति से ब्लेंक पेपर्स पर हस्ताक्षर करवाता है तो दिल करता है LTR LTR

जब NRI को छोड़ कर पत्नी बॉयफ्रैंड के पास इंडिया आती है और पति पर अप्राकृतिक सेक्स और अन्य इलज़ाम लगाती है और पैसा वसूली करने का प्लान बनाती है तो दिल करता है LTR LTR

What is LTR?
Every DRAFT ASSISTANCE or WRITE-UP that aturchatur prepares for you may be called a LTR and this
LTR may always have one to many Supreme Court Judgments.

Why it is called LTR?
It is called LTR because in every such LTR, aturchatur may write extracts/ copy of judgments/ ordinance/ circulars/ rules/ policy/ code/ regulation/ directives/ notification/ guidelines/ standing instructions by Supreme Court/ High Court/ Senior police officers which are mandatory to be followed by police/ courts/ advocates. Due to this reason, it is called as LTR i.e., Lego-Technical Representation.

Under what circumstances a LTR can be prepared?
This LTR may be prepared under any or more of the following circumstances viz.,
(a) If your wife leaves home and you feel that she may try to trap you in false cases then get this LTR prepared for you.
(b) WS written statement prepared by aturchatur is always in the form of a LTR
(c) If there are unethical practices in court then we ask me to prepare a LTR for you
(d) If you want court proceedings to be recorded under CCTV then we may assist in preparing a LTR
(e) If you want to invoke Video Conferencing or invoke your human rights then file LTR
(f) If you want to expose your wife's earnings while simultaneously filing several counters against your wife then you a LTR
(g) If your wife is abusive and is a control freak and you wan divorce from her as she threatens to commit suicide and to implicate your entire family then this is the right time LTR
(h) If Charge Sheet is a copy paste of FIR and there are holes/ gaps/ lacunaes in the CS and you want this CS to be returned then your problem may be pressed using LTR
(i) If judge threatens you in court, that "fainsla kar le nahi to maintenance baandh doonga" then LTR
(j) If Judge is expected to not write your arguments in order sheet then file LTR before date NDOH
(k) If you want to file custody petition or divorce petiton or sec-9 or sec-13 petition then do it in LTR manner. Also for Special Marriages Act and Muslim Law, Family Courts and CPC or CrPC.
(l) If wife beats minor child or vents out her frustration on child or other family members including husband then its the time to get LTR prepared
(m) If you want protection from arbitrary arrest by police or protection from arbitrary orders by judgeS then LTR is the right approach to protect your rights.
(n) If you are threatened or intimidated in CAW Cell or CAW Cell calls you on phone or email then LTR is the right answer to such unethical or technically wrong practices.
(o) If you have proofs or evidences against your wife like audio-video recordings or documents in support as evidences or witness against her or proofs of her false allegations then go the LTR way.
(p) If wife often calls police u/s 107/ 151 IPC and often acts like a cry baby for no reason just to implicate & harsss husband or family then LTR is what needed to be filed
(q) If wife takes jewelry & costly items and also purushdhan of husband and his family members then file 406 IPC complaint against wife through LTR
(r) If wife runs with your child without your consent then LTR is immediately required
(s) If judge gives you long dates for custody or interim visitation then ask me to prepare LTR
(t) LTR may also help you in closing the right of your wife to file WS or to close the RCR/ Divorce/ 498a/ DV filed by your wife due to her non-appearance or non-interest in fighting these cases
(u) If your wife is in abroad after filing false cases then get those cases closed using LTR without a lawyer

(v) If wife uses fake MLC or files false 376, 377, 354, 307, 313 IPC type serious provisions of law against your family then LTR may help you in exposing her lies in favor of husband.

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION 1: What is the right time to get this Lego-Technical Representation prepared by aturchatur & right time to act by husband who is being harassed in CAW CELL (Crime Against Women Cell)

ANSWER 1: When your wife leaves home and it is expected that she will go to CAW CELL then at that time the husband must get this Lego-Technical Representation prepared by aturchatur and file it party in person. If you are late in contacting aturchatur then it is suggested that at whatever stage of CAW or FIR you contact aturchatur, you must immediately get this "Lego-Technical Representation" prepared (by aturchatur) to avoid any further delay or hardships.

QUESTION 2: I am a NRI working in USA and I do NOT want to come to India to file any court cases as my career will be at stake. Do I need to come to India? And DO I need any lawyer to file this on our behalf?

ANSWER 2: You do NOT have to come to India to file this. You do NOT need any lawyer to file these Lego-Technical Representation/s prepared by aturchatur. In fact, lawyer is NOT allowed under the law r/w CrPC and therefore any lawyer or advocate may NOT file this on behalf of the husband and these CrPC provisions may be invoked by the husband himself only i.e., Party-in-Person only (i.e., without any advocate)

QUESTION 3: If I do NOT come to India and if I do NOT use any lawyer then how will I file it

ANSWER 3: When you will get this LEGO-TECHNICAL REPRESENTATION prepared and sent to your email id then along with this Lego-Technical Representation/s you will also get an easy explanation notepad file which will explain the process of filing it without coming to India and without using any lawyer.

QUESTION 4: I am an Indian Resident Husband. I am NOT a NRI. Can I also file this without directly going to the filing counter or CAW CELL as I am fearful.

ANSWER 4: Yes, You may file it the same way a NRI files. You will also get that easy explanation notepad file along with the Lego-Technical Representation/s.

QUESTION 5: I am a NRI. Is there any Supreme Court Judgment that you will use in this LEGO-TECHNICAL REPRESENTATION?

ANSWER 5: There are multiple Supreme Court Judgments that aturchatur uses in these Lego-Technical Representation/s. And almost each of these Judgments by Supreme Court of India are valid and enforceable and this is helpful especially for NRI and also Indian Resident Husbands.

QUESTION 6: How many LEGO-TECHNICAL REPRESENTATIONs will I get within this fees of 30k?

ANSWER 6: You will get at least one strong LEGO-TECHNICAL REPRESENTATION which is our main representation. Along with this you may get several other relevant Lego-Technical Representation/s or files or Judgments and also a Easy Explanation Notepad File.

QUESTION 7: Will these Lego-Technical Representations be helpful to me only if I want to keep my wife with me or will these also help me if I want Divorce from my wife?

ANSWER 7: These Lego-Technical Representation/s may certainly help you in both ways out i.e., to keep your wife with you or to get Divorce from your wife. The Lego-Technical Representation/s may be prepared in accordance as per the customized needs of the harassed husband. The facts & circumstances of the husband may be duly put in the Lego-Technical Representation/s in an expert manner as per the best of knowledge & expertise of aturchatur.

QUESTION 8: My matter is in FIR stage and I think Charge Sheet has been filed but NOT yet informed to me. Is this Lego-Technical Representation helpful to me also?

ANSWER 8: Yes, in your case the Lego-Technical Representation will be prepared based on your current circumstances of FIR or CS (Charge Sheet). And Yes again, you may invoke these CrPC provisions at any stage of CAW or FIR or CS and even before or after FOC (Framing of Charges).

QUESTION 9: Do you also help in Adulterous Spouse and those spouse who married NRI husbands for Foreign Residency or Citizenship? Can this Lego-Technical Representation also help in 420 IPC & Perjury?Any help in Custody or Child Visitation for NRI if the wife forges documents to abduct the child to India or if Indian Resident husband child is forcefully taken by wife without the consent of husband

ANSWER 9: Yes, under all these circumstances also the above said Lego-Technical Representation may be extremely helpful for Indian resident husbands and also for non resident Indian husbands alike especially in 420 IPC or Defamation/ Extortion or Malicious Prosecution, Perjury or related counter attacks on the wife/ woman who has filed false cases on u & your entire family.

QUESTION 10: Where is the payment link & I want to read more about aturchatur?

ANSWER 10: Please read all about aturchatur at the website and you may pay after that in the bank account details given at our website

QUESTION 11: Do you also help in Draft Assistance for Divorce Petition, RCR Sec-9 Petition, Custody Petition and in writing Written Statement for Interim Maintenance, PWDVA Complaint of Wife, 125 CrPC Written Reply & Rejoinder/ Amendments for the husbands?

ANSWER 11: Yes, Atur Chatur helps in all types of Draft Assistance mentioned above in English Language. Atur Chatur also helps in A-Z matrimonial disputes and also Live-In and even Prostitute blackmailing to men/ boys type PROBLEMS. Kindly read the website in entirety to find out the depth of expertise possessed by aturchatur. Also check the links & deeplinks given in the website to have a deep coverage and understanding. You may also take help of Atur Chatur for draft assistance in filing a genuine & strong Domestic Violence Case from your mother and sister against your wife.

QUESTION 12: My name is Sarla (name changed). I am NOT a NRI. I and my mother never lived with my sister-in-law. We are in Chennai. My brother and his wife stayed in Bangalore. Do I need to go to Bangalore? If NOT, then which website do I need to access to file this Lego-Technical Representation or where do I need to go in Chennai to file these Lego-Technical Representations prepared by you? What all Lego-Technical Representations will u prepare? Is this service only for NRI Husband or an Indian Husband can also use it? Is this service only for husbands or does this service will help me being sister & mother of 498a husband? How will this service be helpful for me and my mother against DOmestic Violence Complaint by my sister in law on me & my mother? Will this Lego-Technical Representation also help us in 498a or do I need to get prepared a separate Lego-Technical Representation for 498a as well and a separate Lego-Technical Representation for PWDVA 2006 Complaint by such disgruntled woman? Can I also file counter cases on her? How this Lego-Technical Representation will help me in Counter Attack on my wife legally or techncially? Does it service also help such men on whom their girlfriend or live-in partner has filed false rape allegation as there is such a married man in my office in Chennai and that colleague is in depression due to this? One of our colleague's case is in mediation so can u prepare a Lego-Technical Representation to help him in mediation?

ANSWER 12: You have asked several questions so let me answer each of your queries as follows:-
                (A) I am NOT a NRI
                (A) Our service is also for NRI husbands and also for Indian husbands & their families who never went abroad.

                (B) I and my mother never lived with my sister-in-law.
                (B) This is a case of sheer harassment. Your sister-in-law wants to extort money or other illegal demands from your brother. And your name has been put just to put pressure on your brother to agree for settlement.

                (C) We are in Chennai. My brother and his wife stayed in Bangalore.
                (C) This is very common form of harassment wherein summons are got issued by misleading this court against distant relatives by disgrntled women.

                (D) Do I need to go to Bangalore? If NOT, then which website do I need to access to file this Lego-Technical Representation or where do I need to go in Chennai to file these Lego-Technical Representations prepared by you?
                (D) You do NOT need to go to Bangalore. We may explain you the entire procedure after the Lego-Technical Representation is prepared. Along with the Lego-Technical Representation/s prepared by us, you will also get an Easy Explanation Notepad File in which we may send you instructions to file these Lego-Technical Representation/s prepared by us without going to Bangalore.

                (E) What all Lego-Technical Representations will u prepare?
                (E) At least one main Lego-Technical Representation will be prepared for you. Along with this, there may be many more Lego-Technical Representations as deem fit and proper by aturchatur i.e., your draft assistant.

                (F) Is this service only for NRI Husband or an Indian Husband can also use it?
                (F) NRI i.e., Non-Resident Indian are excited to use this service as they do NOT want to come to India to fight false cases and most of the NRI countries are Online i.e., using internet be it USA, Canada, UK or MiddleEast. But Indian husband who has never gone out of India may also use this service. This service is equally beneficial for Indian Resident Husband and also for a Non Resident Indian.

                (G) Is this service only for husbands or does this service will help me being sister & mother of 498a husband?
                (G) Yes, Husbands may also use this service. Similarly, Sister & Mother of 498a victim husband and also other distant relatives like brothers, uncle aunties of false 498a husband may use this service. Remember that. Mother & Sister of false 498a husband may very easily get out of this false 498a or false CAW so be 100% Confident as this service may help you 10 times better than it may help a false 498a victim husband because you are girls/ ladies living far away from such disgruntled women who has filed false cases on you.

                (H) How will this service be helpful for me and my mother against Domestic Violence Complaint by my sister in law on me & my mother?
                (H) Your names may be removed. It's as simple as that. That's it!!! So Simple!!! So Fast!!!

                (I) Will this Lego-Technical Representation also help us in 498a or do I need to get prepared a separate Lego-Technical Representation for 498a as well and a separate Lego-Technical Representation for PWDVA 2006 Complaint by such disgruntled woman?
                (I) If you will ask me before the start of the work and before making the payment to make it a joint Lego-Technical Representation for DV Act & 498a court cases then I will start preparing accordingly. Otherwise, both of you being women, I suggest that you get your & your mother's names out first from DV and on the basis of DV Acquittal or DV Discharge or DV Cancellation of Summons or DV Recall you may get another Representation prepared from aturchatur to get you people out of false 498a as well. Both strategies are OK so whatever strategy you choose tell us and we may prepare draft assistance for you accordingly.

                (J) Can I also file counter cases on her?
                (J) Yes and you may even file a Arrest Warrant related LTR against her based on your evidences

                (K) How this Lego-Technical Representation will help me in Counter Attack on my brother's wife legally or techncially?
                (K) This Lego-Technical Representation may help you in making the false 498a weak at knees. Conviction (Jail) i.e., arbitrary arrest problem may be solved at first instance and you need NOT go for BAIL (A.B.) Interim Bail, Notice Bail, Transit Bail, Station Bail etc after that. And this opens up automatically several counter cases on your wife or on your brother's wife and your cases may become stronger than her false cases based on your documentary evidences, circumstantial evidences and other evidences which we may generate based on your rebuttals.

                (L) Does it service also help such men on whom their girlfriend or live-in partner has filed false rape allegation as there is such a married man in my office in Chennai and that colleague is in depression due to this?
                (L) YES, YES, YES. This service is of immense relevance to all such men who are being trapped by their girlfriends or live-in prtners and we may also help the gay & lesbian communities as well i.e., LGBT (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual & Transgender). This service is also helpful for PROPERTY DISPUTES between brothers or others and also against those woman who file false rape charge on landlord to grab residency rights free of cost.

                (M) One of our colleague's case is in mediation so can u prepare a Lego-Technical Representation to help him in his mediation matter?
                (M) Mediation Representation is yet another method to end false cases but disgruntled women use this an extortion ground so during mediation FAIR & UNBIASED MEDIATION representation may be prepared from your aturchatur draft assistant so that the case gets settled in mediation instead of wasting years in litigation for the sake of minor child invloved or for the protection of family culture and Indian values or at least for saving youthful years of both the parties.Kindly read one strategy for mediation (devised by aturchatur in 2014) given below:-

aturchatur wrote:
SOME1 wrote:
Anyways, I will not initiate any negotiation and wait patiently.
aturchatur wrote:
If you feel like going for negotiation on your terms then write a MEMO in DV (wherever she will file it & after she files) u/s 89 of CPC specifying your terms within.
Within this section 89 of the code there is a mandatory clause & your negotiation terms are included on record. And her intention is expected to be clarified in writing on record which may help a lot in Perjury at a later stage. The order based on this section 89 CPC may be useful in the long-run to screw her up in her own wordings. Otherwise, if her lawyer is smart enough then he may try to fusss your sec-89 bomb by telling her to attend mediation, pass time, come back & let mediation fail. Even after failure of mediation, at least your terms of negotiation are recorded on court record's officially this time.
Step1:- Memo u/s 89 CPC also understood as ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution)
Step2:- Judge accepts due to mandatory clause of 89 CPC. Or Rejects (rarest of rare) Step3:- Judge might formulate terms of settlement & give parties for their responses & after that sends for Mediation, Lok Adalat or Judicial Settlement (M,LA,JS).
Step4:- Even Consent of parties is NOT mandatory for referring to ADR viz., M,LA,JS (mandatory clause). NOTE:- ADR suits matrimonial, partition, neighbours, partnership, emp-emp, client-service provider type cases
Step6:- Settlement at your terms. If NOT & girl's side lawyer active then mediation fails but still your negotiation terms comes on record of court.
(A) If no settlement, then court proceedings continue.
(B) Referral judge is NOT allowed to ask reasons for failure.
TRICK:- But your terms already comes on record vide Memo u/s 89 CPC.
Example:- If girl side had asked 50 lacs & you plan to file extortion on her. Then u/s MEMO shall be made cleverly saying that you are able to pay Rs. 5 Lakhs. Now, if mediation fails then as per LAW OF CONFIDENTIALITY of mediation no talks may be disclosed. Even judge has NOT powers to ask reasons for failure.
Now, whenever you will file this extortion complaint then include the CC of that Memo &also CC of order sheet that mediation failed. Which proves girl wants more than 5 lakhs.
Now, file TEP & screw them from both sides.
NRI Brothers:- Since Wifey asks usually crores in your cases hence instead of 5 lacs, you offer her 20 lacs if that is your capacity. Now, if the mediation fails, let her come with bills worth more than 20 lakhs to prove this was NOT extortion (assuming she has NO injury marks / MLC in lieu thereof)
Now, Coming back to our
The father of our Nation, Late Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi said as regards a settlement being made between the parties in any litigation, which is quoted as under:- "My joy was boundless. I had learnt to find out the better side of human nature and to enter men's hearts. I realized that the true function of a lawyer was to unite parties driven as under. The lesson was so indelibly burnt into me that a large part of my time during the twenty years of my practice as a lawyer was occupied in bringing about private compromises of hundreds of cases. I lost nothing thereby - not even money, certainly not my soul."
Mahatma Gandhi said, "IF YOU DON'T ASK, YOU DON'T GET"
Vidyavaan Guni Ati Chatur, Ram Kaj Karibe Ko Atur 
Email : 
disclaimer:- all advises here to be r/w profile

QUESTION 13: aturchatur sir, on email you suggested me to get prepared from you a Lego-Technical Representation but you have NOT asked me the copy of FIR, neither you have asked for DV Complaint copy or CAW or 125 CRPC Complaint copy and you have NOT even asked whether I agree to those false allegations of wife or not, then how can I be sure that you will be able to prepare the right Lego-Technical Representation for me. I am sorry to ask this, but, it is necessary to ask, "Do you have a standard Lego-Technical Representation which you give to all the clients?"

ANSWER 13: Dear Client, thanks for asking this very important question. Let me answer as follows:-
NO, I do NOT have a standard Lego-Technical Representation which I give to all my clients.
I prepare NEW Lego-Technical Representation for each client which may be as small as few pages to as large as hundreds of pages.
Each Lego-Technical Representation is different & unique.
One husband may have matter at CAW, whereas someone's case is in FIR Stage, some in Charge Sheet stage, & in some cases CHARGES FRAMED so even if I use the same name Lego-Technical Representation but that does NOT mean everyone gets the same thing.
For each Client, I prepare draft assistance vide Lego-Technical Representation separately which is unique and different from the work given to all other clients.
HOW I DO THAT? pls read below:-
I ask for FIR Copy, DV/ CAW/ 125 crpc/ sec-9 or 13 hma/24 HMA or other complaints copy filed by your wife after you order me to start preparing the Lego-Technical Representation.
The Judgments could be same or different for different clients. For Example:- if someone wants protection from arbitrary arrest then the SC Judgments are different. If someone wants to protect self-acquired property of their parents (or self) from their wife who believes that to be her matrimonial house then the SC Judgments are different. Similarly, SC Judgments for Maintenance are different. Also, SC Judgments for Video Conferencing or Double Jeopardy or Clubbing of DV with 498a or Clubbing of all court cases or dp3 against wife or 420 IPC against wife or Working Wife NOT entitled to maintenance or Perjury u/s 340 against wife or PRESSING PERJURY or DECIDE PERJURY FIRST or Income Assets Affidavit or false MLC / false Medical Documents used by wife may be different so each client has different requirements and therefore we use the SC Judgments accordingly for each such client differently. In certain cases, we also use State Specific HC judgments which have persuasive value in all other courts of India.
REBUTTALS:- We ask for rebuttals from the husband. For Example:- if your wife alleges a crime dated 24/10/2019 but on that date you were in some other state or you were at 20 kms away and u have certain documents like audio video recording or electricity bills of that city or employment records proving that you were at another place at the alleged crime's time and date then we just need that from you your rebuttals and list of evidences you have.
That's it!!! So Simple!!! So Fast!!!

QUESTION 14aturchatur sir, I am confused. I have full confidence in you that you will prepare a very good Lego-Technical Representation for me to protect my entire family. I am NRI and I am very busy so please tell me in very short what you need for me for you to immediately start working on my Lego-Technical Representation. And I need it in just 4-5 days max. Is that possible?

ANSWER 14: Dear NRI Brother, please just send me FIR & Other Complaints by your wife and also send me a Word File stating your rebuttals and make the payment simultaneously. I may try my best to complete the Lego-Technical Representation within 4-5 days itself. If I am very busy only then I ask for 10-15 days time.

QUESTION 15Is there any guarantee to close these false cases?

ANSWER 15: no, there is no guarantee to close these false cases but we may work as per the best of our knowledge in preparing this LTR for you which may be immense useful for you in exposing or closing the falsity in CAW or FIR or Lower Court or HC or SC


In Ram Rahim's case there must be many pointers due to which he is behind bars but let us concentrate just on WITNESS to which no one has ever pointed out.
Ram Rahim said that he is impotent and so he can NOT do rape. If there was NO witness then he would have got away using delay tactics (note:- we are assuming that there were no other evidences against Ram Rahim).
Ram Rahim said that he is impotent so NOW the rape complainant would have said that Ram Rahim is potent as he has daughters to which Ram Rahim would have replied that, "the complainant did NOT took this stand anywhere in her entire complaint and that the complainant has engineered new leegations" and then the delay tactics i.e., DNA TEST of his daughters would have conducted but is that easy?? no, it's NOT easy to conduct DNA of someone above 18 years old without his consent so his daughters would have denied or they may have said that they are not his daughters or they could have gone in hiding to avoid DNA conducted on them.

Just see the reasoning as follows:-
If you Do NOT use any WITNESS then whatever you say can't be contradicted by your own witness.

And remember that, if you and your witness gave contradictory statements then that means you i.e., you yourself gave that contradictory statement hence you are declared a liar before the court of law so

ATURCHATUR SUGGESTS HUSBANDS NEVER TO USE A WITNESS i.e., DW (Defendant Witness) OR a Lawyer so that whatever you say can NOT be contradicted by anyone else. Remember that, a Lawyer is somewhat like a POA (Power of Attorney) and what all damages a POA can do you know better. If you do NOT know then please watch movie BAAZIGAR.

Remember that, there should NOT be any witness or any lawyer from the side of husband so that there is NO possibility of unethical practices against the husband victim of false 498a & false DV

In Ram Rahim Case, the Witness was asked a very simple question to CUT THE IMPOTENCY CLAIM OF RAM RAHIM as follows:-

Witness (DW) was asked does Ram Rahim have daughters, YES or NO?
Witness said YES
Here is where Ram Rahim is gone without checking his Loin or without DNA etc etc
Because Ram Rahim and Witness are self contradictory i.e., contradictory to each other. Ram Rahim says that he is impotent and his witness says that he has daughters.

Conclusion:- An impotent man can not have daughters, This is just sham claim or sham activity done by Ram Rahim to protect himself from clutches of laws but his Witness made him self-contradictory.


Recently a client asked me some questions in a huge hurry. He said I am filing this RTI, that RTI here & there. This will happen, that will happen, here and there. Just immediately suggest me and thereafter we may go for this leisurely act of preparing this Lego-Technical Representation to which aturchatur responded as follows:-
You are Novice for RTI Act but I won't laugh at u because it's my duty to guide you in right direction.
Such RTI has no use but we may ask them in different manner within our Lego-Technical Representation. And If after completion of this work in hand you feel the need to do this then ask me (I am sure you won't feel the need for that after reading our next representations). Further, I am highly surpirsed that you used the word/ term "LEISURELY" hence if you want to know the difference between your approach and my approach then just look at this photograph which may let you know under what circumstances a person feels duty bound to help the genuine victims:-

Sunny Deol Action Scene In Poster Boys Movie Wallpapers | | bestquotesphoto...

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I am sure you will happy to have the next representation.Be 100% CONFIDENT AS I will be putting my best expertise to get you out of false crpc 125

And Do NOT use the word leisurely as this is NOT an leisurely act. This is full fledged efforts to get you out from false 125 CrPC

Best Wishes & Happy Fighting false cases & SOCIAL STIGMA on u & family!!!
Terms & Conditions & Disclaimer at applies to this above page & also to the above site http://www.SocialStigma.IN in entirety.

- DO NOT USE A LAWYER WHO LETS THE CHARGES FRAMED ON YOU DESPITE FALSITY OF CASES AND EVIDENCES IN YOUR HAND AND TELLS YOU THAT AFTER FOC (Framing of Charges) HE WILL GET YOU DISCHARGED then that means he may try to frame charges on you i.e., framing of criminal charge i.e., a real criminal case against you instead of guiding you to NOT let the FOC against you.
- DO NOT USE A LAWYER WHO MAKES YOU BELIEVE THAT AN ADVOCATE IS A MAALIK or MAI-BAAP i.e., the one who directs you to let him do as per his own desires. But If such a lawyer or advocate promises you in writing that he will get you success with written guarantee ONLY THEN allow him to work as per his own desires but do NOT forget to simultaneously send this written agreement or written guarantee to Bar Council of India.
- DO NOT USE A LAWYER WHO JUST TALKS LAMBI LAMBI i.e., tall claims but does NOT prepare the write-up then it’s time to change your lawyer even though you may have changed your lawyer/s many times in the past.
- DO NOT USE A LAWYER WHO MAKES YOU BELIEVE THAT YOU need a badmash or a hi-fi agent or a talkative person or a person who shows attitude in front of you to represent you in court to plead your case on your behalf but the fact is that you just need the knowledge and arguments. That’s it!!! So Simple!!! So Fast!!!
That I am (Atur Chatur) here to assist you in writing your arguments & written statements but since you may be in different state/ city in India hence you may be in touch of a local lawyer who may scold you for bringing innovative ideas and he may shout on you that “you are the lawyer or I am the lawyer, fight your case yourself. Court cases aise nahi ladhe jaate. Mujhe apna kaam karne do aur tum chup raho. Do NOT board two ships” etc etc then DO NOT USE SUCH A LAWYER OR ADVOCATE EVEN IF HE IS WILLING TO WORK FOR FREE. All the above are my personal opinions and my terms & conditions & disclaimer at my website  and applies in toto word by word.

As per my personal opinion, you guys should NOT be ditched by one lawyer or another (one after another) so that you may feel like singing the below song:-

So, it's my humble request to all you guys who have proofs & documentary evidences against their beloved wifey's to fight these cases PIP (Party-in-Person) instead of blaming others or repenting later on.

Issued in Public Interest by me

Note:- All write-ups (writing assistance / draft assistance) by me (Atur Chatur) are in English Only.

सिलाई बुनाई वाली पत्नी

If a wife tries to sew your entire family in false cases then you may call it as silai bunai wali patni because she may have come back to your home just to falsely implicate you & your entire family in false cases and also to have share in your ancestral property. Read the story of gaurav below:-

gaurav wrote:
This is Gaurav (name changed) from Delhi.
My wife has got me to move out of Da family. But now she and her family wants I shouldn't contribute towards Da debt on my parents. Saying I should first concentrate on my family. I know what burden and loans are my parents under.
We are staying in Da same ancestral property that my parents are staying at.
Any solution to dis problem ? I don't want any divorce or MCD.
Your wife is threatening you in the form of EMOTIONAL ATYACHAAR as you do NOT need Divorce or MCD.

This means you are attached and she is showing you female power.



or, If you want to keep helping your family and do NOT want your wife to come to know that you are being backed by the superior knowledge of atur chatur then in that case, you may ask us to prepare a LEGO-TECHNICAL REPRESENTATIONS and this will be prepared in the form of JUST FOR INFORMATION -  NOT FOR ACTION.
Such type of NOT FOR ACTION based representation (Lego-Tecnical Representation) will have lego or technial points included in it which may protect you & your family from 313 IPC, 307 IPC, 376 IPC & 377 IPC type cases which are common these days because if she goes out of your home and comes in contact with any disgruntled lawyer or disgruntled feminist then these sections will be suggested to her and your entire family may be trapped in false cases.
To come out of this mess, just ask us to prepare FYI-NOT FOR ACTION type Lego-Technical Representation to protect your entire family from arbitrary arrest and also to protect your entire family from false cases.

To read about this Lego-Technical Representation and fees etc kindly check the below site:-
How to close false CAW or false FIR?
Mahatma Gandhi said, "IF YOU DON'T ASK, YOU DON'T GET"
Vidyavaan Guni Ati Chatur, Ram Kaj Karibe Ko Atur
Email :
disclaimer:- all advises here to be r/w profile

gaurav wrote:
in September she has gone to her home with my child after having a quarrel with my mother. After 2 weeks i went and got both of them back by agreeing to get separated. few days back she tried to commit suicide stating that she want to have the room on da floor above us and thus we had to ask our tenants to vacate the room and within a day she moved up stairs.

Now that she is seperated, our family has planned to get her family to come and have a word with us. What points should we talk to her family ? i need advice on this. If these talks fails then i have no option but go for your NOT FOR ACTION based representation (Lego-Tecnical Representation).
Do NOT do the meeting at all right now.
Ask for 10 days time for this meeting.

It is strongly recommended that you first file NOT FOR ACTION based Protection from Arbitrary Arrest and also Protection from False Cases.

Immediately thereafter you need to do some steps to protect your parents house from her occupation.

Your parents house needs to be freed from her occupation and your parents need to be taken out from the prospective false cases which are about to be happenbed.


Immediately after that, take her to new rented accommodation but do NOT do the mistake of giving her any hint that you are about to take her to a rented accommodation.
While I will be writing this Lego-Technical Representation for you, within that time, you will search for a rented accommodation. After that, I will prepare the work for you and suggest you how to get your parents out of her clutches.

REMEMBER ONE IMPORTANT THING:-Even if you are trapped in several court cases & CAW Cell then also NEED NOT WORRY and need NOT shy to contact me thinking that you could NOT follow my previous advise because I am a helpers of all levels and I may help you get out from these false cases even if she files false CAW Cells against you & your parents and locks your house and goes out filing false DV & false 125 crpc.

However, if you follow my above advise vis-a-vis Lego-Technical Representation religiously then YOU MAY BE OUT OF THESE FALSE CASES OR AT LEAST YOUR PARENTS SELF-ACQUIRED PROPERTY & YOUR PARENTS MAY BE OUT OF HER CLUTCHES WITH MUCH EASE.

Do NOT hold the meeting for next 10-12 days.
Give them some excuses.
Do NOT do the mistake to contact any lawyer or advocate in this fight against false cases. Watch "HADD KAR DI AAPNE" movie before that. That's my personal opinion.

Tell me immediately to start working on this work so that I may work to get your family & house out of her clutches at least and also weaken her false cases as an AFTER THOUGHT through using our strong method know as:-

How to close false CAW or false FIR?

Mahatma Gandhi said, "IF YOU DON'T ASK, YOU DON'T GET"
Vidyavaan Guni Ati Chatur, Ram Kaj Karibe Ko Atur
Email :
disclaimer:- all advises here to be r/w profile

gaurav wrote:
Is there any chance we could meet ? So that u understand the whole scenario first.
Sent from my Superphone
Your scenario is very very well understood to me as I am doing this work day and night.

This is the time for action.

After you order me the work to be done, we will discuss through email the entire scenario.

Kindly study the Frequently Asked Questions at the website:-

If you think there are certain answers which I have NOT yet provided then please ask me those questions through email and I will update those answers in my website given below:-

Be 100% Confident.
I have good expertise to handle your current scenario.

Do NOT do the mistake to fall into the trouble as your wife is probably in touch of lawyers who have suggested them "how to trap husband's entire family and house including senior citizen parents in false 376 IPC or false 354 IPC and its sub-sections"

For any reason, if you are unable to take action right now and you are misguided by disgruntled lawyers or "HADD KAR DI AAPNE" movie type lawyer then in that case, do NOT shy away from contacting me, because that time also I may use the best of my knowledge to get you out, if any FIR is lodged against your family.

I strongly recommend you to NIP-IT-IN-THE-BUD before it spreads to your whole family.

How to close false CAW or false FIR?

All the above is my personal opinion
Terms & Conditions & Disclaimer at applies to this above email in toto word by word. 
This communication is privileged, confidential, maybe subject to copyright and may contain personal information. Please contact the sender immediately if you are not the intended recipient. Any unauthorized use or disclosure is prohibited. If received in error, this message should be deleted or destroyed. You are not allowed to discuss or disclose this information or any of the strategies with any lawyer or advocate or anyone else. You are not allowed to post this information on any website otherwise copyright or intellectual property rights or other suitable action may be taken against the defaulter. This email communication or email consultation or draft assistance etc is highly confidential and this is for your personal use only. If you discuss or disclosed any of these strategies with any lawyer or advocate or anyone else then you may certainly lose all your court cases or you may suffer material financial losses or other material losses because there could be widespread corruption or unethical practices. This is the personal opinion of the sender. its upto you to make any of the above choice. please take advise of some other counsel or expert also.
Mahatma Gandhi said, "IF YOU DON'T ASK, YOU DON'T GET"
Vidyavaan Guni Ati Chatur, Ram Kaj Karibe Ko Atur
Email :
disclaimer:- all advises here to be r/w profile

125crpc, 24 hma, 23 dv

RAHUL wrote:

I was earning very well while my wife living with me last year. But as soon as she filed police complaint and other false cases I have transferred all my business to my mother name. But still i am working as freelancer from home and all payment goes to my mother account.

I just got admission in LLB 1st semester. Now my concern is that my last year IT return was quite high due to my income, from this year i will file NIL IT return as i lowered all the income.

I have also PPF account mentioned in my ITR and LIC policy which is very big amount.

So this PPF and LIC policy can create trouble in my case and helpful for my wife to get High maintenance amount ?

Thanks & Regards,

Rahul Bakshi (name changed)

Be 100% Confident as you have contacted the best maintenance breaking expert in India i.e., aturchatur

I, aturchatur, whole-heartedly welcome you.

First of all, HAVE FAITH IN YOU that whatever money u have is yours and NO ONE ELSE has any stake on it even your wife.

Your wife has filed false cases on you.
Your wife has herself refused to join your company
Your wife has at her own accord or wishes separated from you or she does NOT wants to live with you due to her own whims or fancies or as per the reasons (undisclosed) known to her only.
She left you due to her career mindedness.


Remember that, we have 'n' number of judgments due to which maintenance may be denied.

And the maintenance may be denied also by way of 420 IPC i.e., if your wife transfers her house in the name of her relatives and lives in that house itself and asks for RTR i.e., Right to Residence then this is Fraud on Court.
Similarly, if she uses her maiden name to transfer her property but you have her aadhaar card which is in her married name then this attracts 420 IPC for which proofs may also be further gathered through RTI OR CRPC 91.

And further there are SC Guidelines or Human Rights Issues which may also be invoked vide your Written Statement to your wife's Maintenance Application (23 dv, 24 hma, 125 crpc etc) and PRELIMINARY OBJECTIONS or SIMPLY the OBJECTIONS are two ways through which maintenance may be denied.

Be 100% Confident Mr. Husband (Mr. Innocent Husband), she can NOT snatch a penny from you even if you earn billions and for this you just need to catch her lies and give those lies to me. Based on those lies we need to prepare a legally or technically suitable representation which will help NOT just break false maintenance claims of your wife but may also help punish her in contempt or perjury or extortion or legal terrorism or malicious prosecution or defamation or similar counters.

I call this as CHALLENGE PLUS COUNTERS. Kindly read my blog below which will help you understand how we are closing false CAW or false FIR and exactly the same or similar strategy legally or technically is used by us to break or close false MAINTENANCE or false 125 CROC or false 24 HMA or false 23 DV claims of your wife. The blog has been listed here for your kind perusal as follows:-

Best Wishes & Happy Fighting false cases & SOCIAL STIGMA on u & family!!!

All the above is my personal opinion
Terms & Conditions & Disclaimer at applies to this above email in toto word by word. 
This communication is privileged, confidential, maybe subject to copyright and may contain personal information. Please contact the sender immediately if you are not the intended recipient. Any unauthorized use or disclosure is prohibited. If received in error, this message should be deleted or destroyed. You are not allowed to discuss or disclose this information or any of the strategies with any lawyer or advocate or anyone else. You are not allowed to post this information on any website otherwise copyright or intellectual property rights or other suitable action may be taken against the defaulter. This email communication or email consultation or draft assistance etc is highly confidential and this is for your personal use only. If you discuss or disclosed any of these strategies with any lawyer or advocate or anyone else then you may certainly lose all your court cases or you may suffer material financial losses or other material losses because there could be widespread corruption or unethical practices. This is the personal opinion of the sender. its upto you to make any of the above choice. please take advise of some other counsel or expert also.

झूठा maintenance मुकदमा LTR से CLOSE कीजिये

vikas wrote:

aturchatur wrote:
Your case may be made very strong using LTR by getting prepared using expert draft assistance of aturchatur i.e., maintenance breaker. And we may make your perjury also stronger along with the LTR. You are suggested to NOT make the same mistake as the below example
The corruption and unethical practices by advocates or lawyers or others may result in making you lose all your court cases and after you lose all these case, then, at that time, you may be tried to pushed into contempt.
For Example:- if a false maintenance is decided against you then, next step will be to file execution against you and once execution is filed, then, next step will be to show yourself as a defaulter i.e., you did not paid arrears as directed by the court and if you will try to challenge such order of maintenance then at that time you will be required to pay 50% of that ordered amount of maintenance, only then, your challenge will be heard. This is known as a form of contempt or a punishment for contempt or deemed punishment for contempt of that order which is bad in law.
So, after that, even if you managed to expose the lies of your wife, then also, no one will listen, because, you yourself will be in contempt that time i.e., contempt of the order of maintenance by the court.
and there is a maxim, one can not demand equity who has not done equity
so, you will have to submit 50% of such false order or erred order which is actually bad in law.
Of course, with aturchatur’s guidance you may challenge such contemptuous orders also but it’s suggested to take some steps before you are pushed behind contempt.
further, there is a maxim that, no one can benefit from one's own wrongs. So, if you do not pay maintenance then you may be treated as wrongdoer i.e., disobeyance of the order of the court for maintenance.
You may then be pushed in contempt, in order to get your wife out of conviction clutches because it is she who actually should be punished as she filed false cases.
Let me tell you example of one client from near GK Delhi as follows:-
This happened to a guy from Alaknanda who fought from 2009 to 2015 and get himself acquitted PIP.
After that he filed Perjury and nothing happened and he came to me for consulting in 2015 End.
I revised and made changes to his perjury applications to make his wife punished with NOT just crime but also to make it stronger through the FIR Route.
But that guy did NOTHING i.e., did NOT used the revised perjury applications prepared by aturchatur.
Now, his wife became super confident about her false charges and his wife started believing that law can NOT touch her even if she is wrong and she files false cases one after another or challenges the acquittal of her husband. His wife appealed against the order of acquittal by the judge.

This boy then again came back to me after 2-3 months approx and told me that his two Perjury Applications are ON FILE but nothing happened despite both the perjury applications filed by him were accepted by the court. Then, aturchatur asked him to file those revised perjury applications which had been revised or edited by aturchatur. He agreed.He had next date on 6th Feb. He gave new contract to atur chatur for draft assistance of both the perjury applications. This guy went to court. HIS PERJURY APPLICATION GOT ACCEPTED AS THE JUDGE WAS ON LEAVE THAT DAY.
On next date in Feb end, when he went to the court, the Judge refused to accept his perjury (which was prepared by aturchatur) but before that the judge called the wife to his cabin. After that, the judge also came out and straight away dismissed the appeal/ revision/ review (which was filed by the wife) of the lower court judge's acquitting of the husband. This means, probably the judge convinced the wife to withdraw his revision or to get it dismissed otherwise she will be trapped in the two perjury applications as the judge is duty bound to take action under 340 IPC and both these perjury applications were very strong against him. Now, after that, aturchatur suggested the husband to invoke in-house mechanism against the corrupt thereby pushing the two perjury applications. Note:- We may have strongest of Judgments related to Perjury and these may be applicable or related to his case in some way or other but husband must have courage to fight to get the wife arrested for her proven crime/ false cases/ forgery etc.

Then, after few months, this husband again contacted the aturchatur and said that, his daughter is now 18 years old and also told that his wife had been involved in 420 IPC crime which was already exposed by in abovenoted perjury applications and he told that, his wife is still sitting (controlled) in the house owned by him. He has all the evidences and wished to file ZERO FIR but, aturchatur suggested him to file a representation to invoke in-house mechanism against the judge in order to revive his perjury because his perjury two applications u/s 340 are already admitted so that is the right method to punish the wife for filing false cases and making the life hell of a husband. He did NOT agreed to this again.

Then, after again few months, he contacted aturchatur and told that he went to lodge FIR but the PS concerned i.e., SHO or IO of the police station is asking Rs. 10,000/- bribe to lodge FIR. He asked atur chatur whether Zero FIR can be lodged or NOT. aturchatur suggested him NOT to go for FIR i.e., Zero FIR (0 FIR) and instead do it through a lego-technical representation (LTR) as that LTR may result in trapping his wife in her own false cases / false FIR.

So friends, it may be seen that, once any husband (false 498a victim) is acquitted by the court, then he is advised by his family and friends to sit down, relax, and move on in life and not to fight back. And they suggest him to look towards the future ahead waiting for him. This is indeed the biggest reasons due to which the husbands are NOT able to punish their wives for filing false cases on husbands.

Threat to file false Rape against women relatives
SAURAV wrote:
respected sir, I have below queries in black. please answer me in red what should I do?

aturchatur wrote:
Hello Atur Ji,
Sorry for the delayed reply and the long email.
So much has been happening right now that it has become a living hell for me and my family.
need NOT worry, you are with aturchatur. throw the worries out of the window. take care that these doesn't in the head of someone passing by.
I could go on and on but I am listing all the main points below:
ok, very good, let me read and suggest as follows:-
My Story:
ok, carry on
I am B.Tech graduate from IIT-BHU, currently working in NSP, Delhi.
these qualifications are the best target for legal extortion by wives as those u study all their lives and those who are guided good things in life are the most vulnerable.
But need NOT worry as I know the right way to approach & handle & close these false cases by women & wives.
Currently staying in Rohini whereas my parents live in Kanpur(U.P).
ok, on rent? which sector? did the wife stayed here itself? who all lived with her and on which floor? for how much time the marriage subsisted ec etc?
Last year in Dec, 2016 I got married to a girl from a Agarwal family. We found each other via and after the initial ring ceremony on 22 April got married in Dec.
Fight with Parents and Sister:
From the day one, my wife started creating problems. She do not want me to keep any relationship with my parents or my sister. Overtime she has accused them of plotting against her.
any video recording or audio evidences or phone evidences or whatsapp proofs or other documentary proofs tgat you have which prove the mental cruelty or threatening by wife.
Initially I tried to control the matters by asking my parents and sister to talk less to her but even this did not helped. She objected that my sister should not visit me in my home or my parents should come visit me.
do u mean all these relatives live in kanpur? is sister married? in which state she is married?
She has often tried to falsely accuse my mother for torturing her. She says my mother threw away her Karwa Chaut thali. When my mother asked her when that happened she started shouting and called her mother that me and my family want to kill her and her life is in danger.
how can they attack from kanpur to delhi?
was ur wife in kanpur?
did u married ur wife and left her to kanpur?
how many times u did ........ with her in this short period of time befoe leaving her to kanpur? is she a delhi girl or a small town girl? is her father in govt?
Financial Problem:
She is working as an adhoc in Delhi.
very good, which college? and total experience she has before and after marriage?
Before marriage it was decided that we will split the household expenses.
any written agreement?
However after marriage she does not supports me in any way.
why u need support from her? don't mind but this is a general questions that comes to mind as we the men in India never ask for sharing expenses of household etc. Is there any written agreement or any video or audio evidence to suppport this claim by you?
there are minor expenses of electricity or telephone (usually 1-2k) which are paid by her apart from that I take care of all the expenses.
My father is retired so I have to send some money home every month.
very very very very very million times very good.
they are ur liability. u did right? need Not REPENT.
This is very good.
After all this nothing is left with me.
this is even more good as she is NOT entitled to maintenance. this may help us trap your wife in false crpc 125 in case she files any such thing?
Although she did not demands expensive gifts directly however she complains very frequently that I have spoiled her life after marriage.
oh come on. leave all such petty things for whih u don't have recording. if u have any evidences or recordings
She wants to go on vacations 2-3 times every year and does not wants to spend anything.
hahahaha, i will suggest something in case ther is possibility of re-union. however, if you are adamant to get divorce from her then no problem, just tell if u have recordings for this?
All her money she keeps with her, I was not interested in her money and thought that it was my responsibility to take care of house (rented) so I continued to pay.
ok, how much is she worth? is she also aggarwal?
Recently in Aug we bought a Maruti Wagonr. She paid the initial amount and took loan on the rest. After a few days she started claiming that the car is her and I or my family should not use it. BTW She does not know how to drive.
hmmmm, okay
in every altercation she fights with the same claim. She does not like if my parents use it on very very rare occasions. 
hmmm, she knows her rights very well. is she is touch of fminists that time?
she wants to trap u in misapproriation of dowry.
Run Away from house:
Till date she has run away 3 times from my house.
u must have contacted me that time itself as we wuld have caught her malpractices that time itself.
First time when I was smoking, she got pissed and ran away. My sister’s in-law live within 3km distance and by coincidence my sister has come to delhi (originally she stays in Jaipur). I tried to reason with her but she ran to their house and in the middle of the night called my Jija ji to come downstairs. 
i suspect adultery here. anyways carry on. let me read further
The other time she ran away and when I did not followed her. Came back after 2-3 hrs. 
controlling nature. hmmmm
The third time was recent in which she had gone to her parents house (mayur vihar - rented) without informing anyone.
In the morning she said she is going to college but did not come back. 
which college? which department? is she beautiful? any office affair with colleague or cougar relationship or infatuatuion towards a student? does she party type? vodka shodka? does she like going to pub? tell all this. as very important. this is found in delhi culture.
Claim she is physically and mentally tortured:
She has been claiming that my family physically & mentally tortures her. Although after my saying my mother and sister had stopped calling her altogether yet her complains for the past continue.
from kanpur to delhi? right? any allegations or any crime done by them to her when actually your mother sister were NOT in same state or NOT in same location. any dated or timed allegations? can u catch any such thing?
Tried Suicide:
She claims that she tried suicide by taking 5-6 pills of disprine.
yahan fas gayi tumhari pyari patni because you are with aturchatur. I may catch such lies with super ease.
Her mother threatened for filing FIR against my family for mentally and physically harassing her daughter. 
recording hai koi?
Claims of being raped:
very very very good. tahan gayi tumhari patni. her lawyer has superbly misguided her. This can be broken down.
She claims that she was raped in holi last year by my sister in law’s sister in laws (nanads). She says that they had put colours on her breasts.
This is NOT rape dear.
Her lawyer is taking MAJAA with her by letting her write such things. HER LAWYER IS YOUNG OR MAY BE THARKEE. Have I guessed right?
I know this sounds strange but this what has been going on.
need NOT worry. I may cut this yaar. be 100% confident.
Her mother is also a prof in delhi.
jai mata di. NOT for her mother but JAI MATA DI because here I have got something to fix them. They are in Govt. very very very million imes very good.
Do u have threatening rcording by her mother pyari ji?
Jitna likh sakte ho, likho, apni patni ki mataji ke baare mein. MAI BORE NAHIN HOYUNGA.
Mai sun na chahta hoon.
Write down all evidences u have against this lady?
Which dept she is from? which rank? what type of links she has in govt? age of ur wife?
They have a female dominated family (her father used to run a clothing shop in almorah but now due to health issue has winded it and have come to live in delhi) currently not working. 
Her mother controls her father completely. Her father is not well spoken and does not thinks from his mind. He says whatever is told to him. Since the beginning he was not involved in any decision making may that be for the venue or marriage celebrations nothing. 
hahahaha, watch movie KORA-KAAGAZ I think, such husbands are common for such feminist's growing up. need NOT worry. he ill help us himself.
When these fights started occurring initially I never called her mother or anyone. I thought that it is normal for a women to take time to adjust and may be the things will fall in line.
adultery I strongly guess from this point? this is my experience.
However the frequency of the fights have increased to once every 7-10 days. During these fights she tends to get physical, breaks things, shouts.
psychic? any medical documents or depression tablets being regularly eaten by her mother. depression family hiustory i strongly guess?
I tried all the ways to get the matter resolved between us by taking among ourself, involving my parents, my sister nothing worked. 
So I asked her mother to come and talk some sense.
u did world's biggest bevakkoofi. i hope u contacted me that time itself. didn't u searched internet for ways to handle such women before talking to that lady's mother?
This was my mistake.
yes I know.
When her mother came along with her sister (who is preparing for judiciary) she threatened to file an FIR again all my sister’s relative.
tell any recordings against this sister u have? did your wife's sister trheatened u? any recording wioll help u immensely
After much request she was ready to leave the matter. i am not sure if this is a proper case for getting an FIR filed but I was scared for my sister’s life and prestige in her family.
need NOT worry as u are with aturChatur. all prestige will be returned by your wife in HARD CASH. Just tell the evidences u have against x, y or z?
Last Thursday my parents had come to delhi. We were having tea and I was talking to my mother. She was may be angry as to why i was taking to my mother. So when we tried to add her in the conversation she replied very rudly and left. After tea she went into kitchen to prepare lunch. When I asked her what she was making she said she was making chilli manchurian. I said that I wanted to have parathas so do not prepare lunch for me I will have it prepared by my mom. I don’t know what happened to her she threw away the knife and vegetable. Seeing this I thought it is best to call her parents and tell them what has just happened as last time her mother asked me to inform her in case of any thing goes wrong. 
When she saw this, she lost all control. She banged our rooms door went inside called her mother and after some time came out and started shouting that my family and me are trying to hurt her and her life is in danger. We though it is best not to let the matter get worst so we tried to console her. She was mad at this time. Saying that she is going to college she went away to her mother’s house.
When i tried to call her mother, her mother threatened me that she will come with police, lawyer and judge. 
scroll down below to see my suggestions
Sir not a single day passes now that my family does not feel threatned. My mother has bp problem and due to all this her health has degraded considerably.
I have tried all the means I can to resolve the matters peacefully but now I am losing all my options. 
till date i have never hit her. We had heated arguments but they were limited to verbal talks only. 
i feel that she is not mentally stable and creates situations in her head which causes all this.
It seems that she has NOT yet filed false cases.
This is the right time to get your family safeguarded legally or technically using our expertise. Mini Trial r/w latest Supreme Court Judgment is the need of the hour.
How can i protect my self again any false action which she or her mother can take?
I want to take divorce - but she will not be ready for this. What can I do?
She records my phone calls and mutual talks on phone. What precautions should i take?
Is there a valid rape case as she and her mother is claiming?
How can I safe guard my family?
Listen carefully dear Saurav as follows:-
Since she is living with you or she did blunder with you last Thursday itself hence she & her mother may try to trap you & your entire family.

I suggest that you get prepared from us a Lego-Technical Representation (LTR) in the form of a Mini Trial which will NOT JUST protect you and your family against false action which your wife and her mother may take, but, it will also help you get divorce from her.
If she is out of your home, do NOT call her. If she talks then you must ignore her citing your busy schedule. Since, she is recording your talks etc hence she must be in touch with such unethical feminists (or misandryists) or lawyers who may be expert in filing false cases hence you need our expertise at this stage. I strongly recommend that you ask us to prepare a lego-technical representation which is utmost needed by you and during next two months be in my regular touch thru email so that I may keep guiding you. Kindly read about this Lego-Technical Representation and fees etc at the below link and as soon as u make payment kindly inform me thru email so that I may immediately start the process to protect u or ur family from these false implicating or threatening legally or technically using above LTR.

झूठी FIR होने ना दीजिये
SANJEEV wrote:
please confirm if there is a need for me to attend counselling sessions at women cell if already three cases of divorce, dv and maintenance going in different courts ? Best regards,

aturchatur wrote:
divorce = CPC
125 = CrPC
CAW = Mahila Thana = FIR Route = Biggest Crml Case u/s 498a which made life of husbands hell since 1983 by then PM Indira Gandhi

You need to close false CAW so that it doesn't result in false FIR.
There are certain steps in how to close a false criminal proceedings against you or you should learn the tricks or tactics to close|end|stop false criminal prosecution against you or malicious prosecution. Counter Cases are suggested to be filed against the complainant who files false FIR or false first information report or false domestic incident report against you or against your entire family.
The procedure to close false CAW or false FIR or to close false criminal case is listed at:-
if a FALSE CASE REGISTERED AGAINST YOU then you need to know the punishment for false complaint to police and also remedies against false criminal complaints available to the accused and counter false police complaint defamation thereby punishment for lodging false fir or false complaint ipc which requires & attracts action against false fir complainant so accused|respondent|defendant must understand what to do when a false fir is filed against you or a false fir 498a, 406 IPC and 34 i.e., common intention or 120-B criminal conspiracy, 511, 506, 376, 377, 354(A), 354(B), 354(C), 354(D) of Indian Penal Code.

अपने करियर पर ध्यान दो
anand dev wrote:
Hello Sir
I had not taken any step and neither the charge-sheet had been filed till now.
Would like to meet you.
I can come to delhi when you have time.

aturchatur wrote:
Please be in touch through email as you took phonic consultation from me sometime back and I used to do phonic consultation only because I was busy that time.
However, these days, I have become a little more busy due to which I don't even do phonic consultation.
These days I am doing Email Consultation only which is free.
Kindly write to me for EMAIL CONSULTATION so that I may suggest you a strategy to get out of this mess.
NO NEED to waste your time running here & there or coming to Delhi etc.
Just fight the case sitting right at the comfort of your home. And you do NOT even need to go out of your home to fight these false cases. Be 100% Confident. I am helping a lot of Indian guys fight & close false CAW and false FIR and lacunae based Charge Sheet.
Write to me so that I may suggest you an optimum strategy to come out of all these false cases.

anand dev wrote:
Dear Sir
Thanks, I wanted to meet you because I think I wont be able to make you understand my situation.

You had earlier sent me RTI form and asked me to send across through looping method, and at time a lot was going on in my carrier and I could not have handled both and for me my carrier if of utmost important and so I did not took any step. I am doing a private job and as all private job have quite a pressure to handle.

The FIR was registered around 13 months back and my parents have applied for anticipatory bail which they got from high court around 6 moths back. The lower court had rejected the same as the lawyer from girl side is quite influential and our own lawyers were not quite helping us and dragging the matter.

I want to focus on my career and want to get out of this, but dont know how to go about.

aturchatur wrote:
This is very good that u want to focus on your career.
That is always the right strategy.
Just get the CC (certified copy) of order sheets of all dates for all cases and send all those order sheets of different cases to me thru a single email.
After reading all those order sheets and your rebuttals if any, I will suggest you an optimum strategy to close all false cases on u be it CPC or CrPC (i.e., Civil or Criminal)
You do NOT need to fight these false cases.
We are here to help you.
Best Wishes & Happy Fighting false cases on u & family!!!

मिनी ट्रायल
chetak wrote:
Had to appear in-front of family welfare committee.

aturchatur wrote:
Had to? - past
Have to? - future
If you had appeared before FWC, then, what happened there?
Is everything fine or feeling biasedness or corruption here also. which state FWC is this?

chetak wrote:
I had appeared previously and now have to again re-appear. Feeling little bit biased and lets see.

aturchatur wrote:
You need LTR at this point. Let them be biased and corrupt. I will prepare a very strong LTR for you. This will stop those from doing any unethical practices against you in FWC because this is against the law and this is also against the judgment vide Rajesh Sharma dated 27/07/2017 by Supreme Court of India.

chetak wrote:
ok sir, please send me the payment link so that I can pay the required fees 39,999/- rupees INR for LTR. Kindly make it a very strong LTR sir. It’s my humble request to you.

aturchatur wrote:
I have started working on your LTR based on our past discussions during consulting and also FIR sent by you. If you could send me your rebuttals and also tell me about some evidences or arguments regarding each false allegation of your wife for example:- your wife was in different location at the time of alleged event or she is working lady as against her claim being an abla naari. Thanks & be 100% confident because I am not going to leave any stone unturned to push the false complainant behind bars or at least to get your matter settled earliest possible if that is what you want.

chetak wrote:
I have sent the rebuttals including my evidences and also certain allegations which are totally false i.e., beyond reasonable doubt falsity of such FIR claims. I want to see my wife behind the bars i.e., she should be convicted|jailed for lodging false first information report.

aturchatur wrote:
ok and thanks. I am now working full fledged. You will get the completed work within -5 days as I have no other work in hand right now. Note that:- a FIR is treated as true and therefore High Court doesn’t go into it or devilge into its correctness or falsity hence tell me if I need to push this LTR as a Mini Trial as your other cases are in court also like dv & 125 crpc. I have recent Supreme Court Judgment for Mini Trial.

chetak wrote:
thank you very much sir. Yes, I give you a go ahead for mini trial. Please make this LTR as a mini trial as I want to end all the false cases on me under CPC and CrPC.

aturchatur wrote:
ok chetak, see you asap with the completed solutions i.e., draft assistance for LTR. I am sure you will be happy to see the work. Regards ATUR CHATUR
Advocate pushes NRI & his family in litigations
govind wrote:
Hi Sir,
Sorry I've been busy.
I counseled with my family. We came to a solution that we didn't want to do anything without the lawyer's opinion since we have already proceeded through him.

As of now, we have received the final call from the CAW centre in Delhi. We have asked them to proceed legally.
We have not submitted to their Jurisdiction in Delhi. We have sent a letter saying that they should transfer the case to proper Jurisdiction which is TamilNadu. We are awaiting their response.
Kind regards, 

aturchatur wrote:
You did a mistake by NOT closing false CAW.
You did mistake by telling them to proceed.
This is against the law.
These type of suggestions are given BY LAWYERS ONLY.
But since you did that as per your personal opinion hence you did the VERY SAME MISTAKE which usually lawyer tells u to do because when case will goto court ONLY THEN LAWYER WILL START EARNING.
In my site I have very written this as WRONG SUGGESTION.
But still you have the chance, kindly read the site given below and tell me your opinion on this:-
How to close false CAW or false FIR?

Protection from Arrest Sec-9 HMA= RCR
ramavtar wrote:
NO FIR yet...also no call from caw cell since last 2.3 months.Dv case is running on.. Sec 9 case from my side also going on...they want only money 8.9 lakh..
Now i have make my mind i will fight the case nd will not compromise at any cost...

aturchatur wrote:
Bhai ramavtar Singh Ji, what are you doing brother.
2-3 months have passed. This means that FIR has already been lodged. Go check it online.
Your sec-9 HMA has protected u from arrest till date i.e., RCR i.e., Restitution of Conjugal Rights under section  of Hindu Marriages Act 1955.
What's going on in DV?
yOU ARE BEING CONFUSED BY THEM because u said that they are asking 8-9 lakh only. They are preparing dear. You also do the preparations. Stop the FIR i.e., close the FIR before it's too late.
Study the below site and let me know your opinion on this.

ससुर के ऊपर झूठा रेप चार्ज u/s 376 IPC और झूठा छेडछाड़ का मुकदमा 354 IPC
hardayalrana wrote:
Well,i was going to caw cell but she refused for mediation and since than iam avoiding it due to their partial behaviour.10 days before i got a call from policeman there is cummon of my and my father name.but two days before caw cell inspector called me and ask for the reason of my absence and i told them that i am free on friday but you always call on thrusday.then she said that opponent party also absent some days so they have sent my case to commitee there.but right now i do not understand that where to go in commitee or in court.
Hardayal rana

aturchatur wrote:
Well,i was going to caw cell but she refused for mediation and since than iam avoiding it due to their partial behaviour.
Mujhko Rana Ji maaf karna bhool mhaare se ho gayi”. I mean, I wan to suggest you as follows RANAJI:-
You have fell into her trap and this false CAW is about to become FIR. You did wrong. Had u contacted me earlier then we would have taken steps to close false CAW within CAW Cell Itself, but now, the matter appears to have move further towards FIR Stage, but NEED NOT WORRY. You still may take steps to close false FIR which is about to be lodged or probably has been lodged and NOT yet informed to you.
10 days before i got a call from policeman there is cummon of my and my father name.
oh my goodness, they have moved ahead and trapped you guys even further. it seems that your father is being trapped in 376 IPC and also in 354 sub-sections under IPC.

but two days before caw cell inspector called me and ask for the reason of my absence 
They have NOW made you a defaulter.
They are tightening the noose on u & your father, KEEP YOUR FATHER AWAY. Protect him.
and i told them that i am free on friday but you always call on thrusday.
then she said that opponent party also absent some days so they have sent my case to commitee there.
they are misguiding u as per my opinion. they are lying,. and also laying trap on u as per me.
but right now i do not understand that where to go in commitee or in court.
instead of committee or court, its better you go the legally technicality based rule so that they are NOT able to arbitrarily arrest you. you also need to protect your parents AT LEAST PROTECT YOUR FATHER as he is being targetted.
Hardayal rana
Check the below site and let me know your opinion on this lego-technical route to get your father out of this mess.

Suicide Threats by wife
vicky wrote:
Hello Sir,
I need suggestions from you regarding my abusive wife. She is constantly threatening me for false case as well as giving me suicide threats to fulfil her illogical demands.
Please let me when you are Free for consultation also share your consultation fees and account details.

aturchatur wrote:
Vicky, consultation on the phone will be done.
Fees = 2,000/- only.
You may pay the fees at bank account details given at:-
After payment, kindly inform me through email that the payment has been done. After that I will check the online transfer of payment and I will email u back for the consultation time which will be either very next day at around 9:30am or a day after same time.

crpc313 party-in-person advocate NOT allowed
rajanjain wrote:
Sir, you suggested me CrPC 313 route to fight party-in-person i.e., without a lawyer. You also gave me some judgments which were highly useful for me. Now, I need from you some tactics to close false FIR or tips to close false charge sheet by the police. Do you offer any suggestions so that we do NOT have to go for trial i.e., the agony of trial. Can we also invoke Human Rights here because you wrote in your site that trying of an offence when the matter is NOT triable is the violation of my human rights. CAN WE DO SOMETHING? Is it possible to close false First Information Report and thereby to punish the cops for shoddy or sham or biased investigation? please suggest. I would be highly grateful to you aturchatur sir. thanking u in advance.

aturchatur wrote:
Do NOT go for Quash route. I never suggest to file for quash because that is based on some discretionary powers. Read:- And further, do NOT approach the higher authority without exhausting all available opportunities. However, when there is something which can be done at the lower court level itself which is more effective in closing false FIR then why to run towards High Court. Close the false FIR in Lower Court itself through the following methods:-

OPTION [1] - Direct Face-off with Police because this case is STATE VERSUS YOU
An application u/s 156(3) or complaint u/s 200, to Judicial Magistrate / Metropolitan  Magistrate, against those Police officers who have “knowingly” registered false FIR / or have falsely arrested / or if are falsely prosecuting the case, alleging therein your complaint that said Police officer have committed the offence defined under section 218 and 220 of IPC, 1860.

Where the Magistrates Court acquits the person against whom false FIR / Complaint is made, Compensation may be sought under section 250 of CrPC, 1973, from that Magistrates court, against the persons who have knowingly filed false FIR / complaint.

OPTION [3] - Do this Immediately after OPTION [2] above
A Suit for exemplary Damages for Defamation or Suit for compensation for malicious prosecution may be filed against the person who has filed the false complaint, including against the Police.

OPTION [4] - Go HC Party-in-person using looping method
 Writ of Mandamus may be preferred before respective High court seeking exemplary Damages / Compensation from respective  State Government for “malicious prosecution” by the Police.

note:- remembr that FOC (framing of charges) is a very important stage and one may be out of these false cases at the stage of FOC.
“Framing of Charges” by the Court is a very critical stage of the trial which reflects the, meticulous or weak, investigation made by the Police and the “relevant and admissible” evidences, if any, collected by the Police against each of the accused persons and thus the scrupulous framing of charges will directly reflect the involvement or absence of involvement of the accused person. Therefore, accused persons should press for “strict” adherence to Sections 211, 212, 213 and 214 while framing of charges by the Trial Court.
As a matter of fact, in my view, where “Charges cannot be framed” with sufficient clarity as contemplated u/s 211, 212, 213 and 214, the accused should be “Discharged”.
Check some pre-steps at:-
I also feel that a scrupulous framing of charges gives a proper direction to the trial, for, it will help the Prosecution to know what is required to be proved and in fact will greatly assist the defence in dislodging the “story” of the prosecution.
Further, just before FOC, or during date of FOC or immediately after FOC, one must file LACUNAE/ GAPS/ LAPSE in INVESTIGATION. Read:-

Lack of Evidence
"trap your wife in FIR" 

mahesh wrote:
thanks for the email sir.
my situation is all the same since you prepared my perjury application few months back.
my 340 perjury application is ready... mostly will be filing this week, thanks again
any suggestions regarding how to trap my wife further i.e., I do NOT want her to come out of jail so easily. she must spend more than a year or two in jail. how to acheive that?

aturchatur wrote:
Best Wishes Mahesh Brother!!!
Since you are with aturchatur hence your  wife may repent forever for filing false cases against innocent husbands like you. Read my suggestions below.
Do NOT let your wife or any wife out of these false cases even by judge who might say that the case is finished due to "LACK OF EVIDENCE" because she lodged a totally false  baseless criminal case against you. Also read my article on false case registered against you to learn some tactics in order to push your wife behind the bars for filing a false case against you.

If you want my param pujniya pativrata bhabhiji (i.e., your wife) to go behind the bars then you need to make your case as strong as it may proof beyond reasonable doubt that your acquittal is NOT just based on "Lack Of Evidence", but, infact, it is a case of deliberate, motivated & well-planned criminal activity.

also check:- about some sections based on which the trial may be avoided before or during FOC (framing of charges)

I wish you best of luck for Perjury as I have seen positive response from each husband till date whom I drafted. I hope that you must have added section-200 into it with prayer to judge to kindly send it to the SHO concerned with you i.e., husband as the witness to such crime.

NOTE:- I am strictly against 182 IPC as this sections give powers to judge to get the wife out of bars even in few days as maximum punishement of 6 months and lower limit of punishment is discretionary.

Also check my latest venture SOCIALSTIGMA.IN (FWD to your friends or victims of false 498a) at:-
How to close false CAW or false FIR?  
Child Custody (petition) 26 HMA vs 25 GWA
saurav wrote:
Dear Aturji,

After the divorce mediation failed in Gurgaon on 4-oct, on 13-nov, divorce ndoh is there.

They had filed review petition for transfer case in SC which was dismissed again.

What oral stand should I take again in front of judge is she asks my why the mediation failed?

What should be my strategy in next hearing?


aturchatur wrote:
Take the last mediation letter with you on next date.
This is the same letter which I drafted for you, and, which was thereafter submitted by you after editing the dates etc.
And keep that mediation letter with you because that had been written based on legal or technical points by me..
Let the opp party say that they have filed T/F REVIEW in SC.
If they keep mum for 5-10 seconds and give u a chance to speak then give the mediation letter to Judge with a copy to opp party. And go with one more copy and keep that copy in your hand for ready reference.

If you want me to draft to challenge their SC REVIEW of T/F then I may do that.

must must give the custody original u/s 25 GWA (which I recently drafted for you) to judge and copy of that custody application to opp party. This must be the first task to be done or as u feel good you go ahead. You will succeed..

You must also move an application for lawyer removal of opp party so that your wife shows marodh of stomach in front of u during coming dates (because she has filed this false case on u as a countr tool for wrecing vengeance).
Reasons for marodh of stomach could be lose motions, fear, anxiety, anguish etc etc. . . . . lol

And remember that, since you have just now come to know about the false 498a which was filed by her after refusing to accept the divorce summons or notices sent by you and you have those postal records hence, this is the right time you go ahead with postal laxity related representations that I asked you to get prepared from me, because, through those letters you may even get her right closed to file written statement which in itself may result in proof of refusal of summons and also which resulted in cruelty on you for which we already sent protection from arbitrary arrest representation around six months back itself.

Best Wishes & Happy Fighting false cases & SOCIAL STIGMA on u & family!!!


ok Aturji, what is the fees for this work. 

Fees for postal laxity related representations is Rs. 10,000/- only. And fees for 498a Refusal & Right Close of opp party is Rs. 5,000/- & 5,000/- each. However, if you want me to prepare all these works then the fees payable by you will be NOT 20,000/- but 12,000/- only. You can pay right now so that I can immediately start working on these tonight itself.

saurav wrote:
Dear Aturji,

Yesterday, again the wife did not appear in the court, it has been one year now since filing this divorce case and they have not yet filed a WS.
We filed an interim application for interim custody u/s 26 HMA. This ensure that this is just treated as an application as an original proceeding so that transfer of case is not applied, if she again tries to go to SC for TP.

That is the update and the judge has also been changed. This looks like a delaying tactics.


aturchatur wrote:
is her lawyer appearing on her behalf?
and your lawyer appearing to represent you?
what NOT go without a lawyer opposing her lawyer also?

anyways, in many dates have they NOT filed WS?
did the court ordered them to file WS?
if yes, then on which NDOH and after that how many hearings done? and what is written in that order sheet?

you have NOW got yet another opportunity to request for her right close legally or technically and this HAS TO BE DONE because if you are able to close her right to file WS then that means she has NOT replied to your divorce petition which would mean deemed acceptance and if she accepts your allegations then that means you have won without any more painful efforts. her 498a as a counter attack for wrecking vengeance and her refusal to accept the divorce summon is enough to close her right read with civil procedure code.

further, what all changes you made while filing 26 HMA you can send me so that I can review the final version.
and if the wife is absent constantly then why are you not filing to issue of summons or warrant against your wife. what is stopping you. you need to fight rigorously now so that this case gets closed in your favor. keep the opp party and the case water tight legally or technically so that the snake doesn’t get a chance to hissss at you. kill the snake legally or technically before it takes a toll on your life, time & money.

the above strategy suggested to you in para 3 above i.e., right close of wife is NOW required to be used in Supreme Court where her transfer petition is filed so that her lego-technical fallacy w.r.t divorce summons vis-a-vis her refusal to accept summons comes on courts records. bring that on order sheet of SC or lower court. further, if judge transferred then where u filed 26 hma? at the filing counter? or, with the link judge? or with the reader? have you got any receiving? have u sent a copy or advance legal notice to the opp party having filed 26 hma by you? and must get CC of 26 hma immediately

Child Marriage vs 498A
mukteshwar wrote:
my query is in hindi below. please mark your suggestions in red
aturchatur wrote:  
mukteshwar brother, my suggestions are below in red. your words are there in hindi below. thanks
My suggestions (from ATUR CHATUR) are below in red:-
लगभग 20 वर्ष पहले मेरा बाल विवाह हुआ था!
This is New Type of case for me. I have never came across Child Marriage but still I will be giving my best opinion for you. Kindly keep reading below in red my answers to your queries.
वर्तमान में मेरी आयु 30 वर्ष और उस लड़की की 27 वर्ष ःहै !
This means u were 10 and she was 7 at the time of marriage. This marriage is voidable at your option.
मेरे इस बाल विवाह के बाद पहले मेरे नाना ने ःही मेरा पालन पोषण किया था क्योंकि मेरे मामा नहीं है! और वे मुझे उनके गांव ले जाकर पढाने लगे थे! इस लड़की के घर वाले हमारे से रिश्ता नहीं रखना चाहते थे क्योंकि हमारी आर्थिक स्थिति काफ़ि अच्छी नहीं थी, हम गांव में रहते हैं, हमारे कच्चा मकान है और मैं पढाई में कमजोर था! ये लोग हमारे गांव में आते थे लेकिन हमारे घर नहीं आते थे! इस लड़की के माता पिता कई बार कह चुके थे कि तुम तुम्हारे लड़के का रिश्ता कहीं और जगह कर लो, हम लड़की को नहीं भेजेन्गे! मेरी पिताजी इस लड़की का नाम हमारे सरकारी कागजों में लिखवाने के लिए कहा तो इन्होने मुकदमा दर्ज करवाने की धमकी दी!
They were right as that is NOT allowed under the law.
ऐसा सुनते ही मेरे घर वाले डर गये! इस लड़की के बालिग होने पर मेरे पिताजी इसे लेने के लिए गये तो इस लड़की और इसकी माँ ने कहा कि अब दुबारा यहाँ आये तो महिला विशेष कानूनो के तहत मुकदमा दर्ज करवा देंगे!
They can even file under PCMA 2006 (Prohibition of Child Marriages Act)
और हमारे अन्य रिश्तेदारो को भी यही कहा! ये लोग कई बार बुलाने  पर  भी हमारे किसी भी सामाजिक कार्यक्रम में शामिल नहीं हुये! 2009 में मेरी शल्य चिकित्सा हुई थी उस दौरान भी ये लोग सहानुभूति जताने नहीं आये! 2010 में मेरे नाना की मृत्यु हुई उस दौरान भी इन्हे बुलाया गया लेकिन ये शोक सभा में भी शामिल नहीं हुये! मेरे मामा नहीं होने के कारण सारे मृत्यु एवं कर्म काण्ड के संस्कार मैने ही करवाये थे
This marriage is voidable at the option of any of the parties. If this marriage was NOT with some witnesses or some marriage photographs or some other valid marriage proofs then it is very difficult to prove whether any marriage happened or NOT. You can NOT enforce marriage with a girl child even when such girl has attained majority later on because at the time of marriage the girl child was NOT competent to enter into a contract as per the Indian Contract Act.
जब 2012 में, मैं सरकारी नौकरी लगा तब मेरे पिताजी इनके घर इस लड़की का फ़ोटो लेने गये इसका नाम सरकारी दस्तावेजों में लिखवाने के लिए कहा तो लड़की और इसकी माँ ने कहा कि इस तृतीय श्रेणी अध्यापक के साथ कौन रहेगा? ये तो इससे ऊची नौकरी लगेगी! फ़िर मेरे पिताजी ने कहा कि अगर आप रिश्ता नहीं रखना चाहते हैं तो इसे कानूनी प्रक्रिया से खत्म करवा लो!
That was VERY WELL SAID by your father, This was brilliant suggestion from your father, But your father made the same mistake by NOT getting such marriage nullified or voided from your side as this marriage is voidable at the option of any of the parties.
इसकी माँ ने कहा कि यह तो बाल विवाह था! इसे कोई नहीं मानता है!
Yes, she said 99% correct. But, the real truth is that, this marriage is voidable and this must have been repudiated in order to get that nullified.
यह लड़की भी इस दौरान तैयारी कर रही थी और जब यह सभी प्रतियोगी परीक्षाओ में असफ़ल हो गई और भविष्य सरकारी नौकरी लगने की कोई आशा नहीं रही तो असफ़ल होने के 6 दिन बाद ही 13 जून 2017 को गैर जमानती धाराओ (D V act and 498a) में,झूठा मुकदमा दर्ज करवा दिया और 15-20 लाख रूपये मांगने लगे!
My dear brother, this marriage is NOT maintainable as the husband and wife never lived together. But still, even if we assume that this marriage is valid then also, neither DV nor 498a is maintainable because if you simply file for repudiation of this contract under the Indian Contracts Act then this marriage will fall flat. But you MUST NEVER file any such application through any lawyer. You must get this application got prepared from Atur Chatur or from some other expert and after that go yourself and file this court case in court. Do NOT USE ANY LAWYER OR ADVOCATE in this fight against false cases. I strongly recommend you to go alone to the court without any lawyer or advocate if you are fighting for the truth. Read my personal opinion.
हम इतना पैसा नहीं दे सकते! मेरा शुरू से लेकर अब तक का रिकार्ड अविवाहित है! और यह लड़की भी इसके सभी दस्तावेजों में अपने आप को अविवाहित घोषित करती हैं, जिसका रिकार्ड मैने निकलवा लिया है!
You can use these records. But this needs to be done through a Lego-Technical REPRESENTATION which you may get prepared from aturchatur i.e., me.
मैने इसे पहली बार महिला थाने में देखा था! इससे पहले कभी भी प्रत्यक्ष अप्रत्यक्ष रूप से मेरी इससे कोई भी बातचीत नहीं हुई हैं!
Hahahahahahahahaha, A sudden wife. This is a very good masala for an Indian Movie i.e., my sudden wife. i.e., someday someone stands in front of you in CAW Cell and tells you that she is your wife. Wonderful!!
In movie “Houseful” which was released in year 2009 or 2010, Mallika Sehrawat appears as a sudden wife of Akshy Kumar in front of Goons Court of Feroz Khan.
You are Akshay Kumar.
Please laugh at it.
Do NOT panic.
Your wife will be in trouble for sure for such acts,
I need to prepare a very strong lego-technical representation for you if you order me to prepare it. Details of this lego-technical representation are given at my site
महिला थाने में ,पहली काउन्सलिन्ग में साथ रहने के लिये कहा गया तो इसने सोचने के लिए समय मांग लिया ! दूसरी काउन्सलीन्ग में, इन्होने मेरे ऊपर नौकरी और जीवन बर्बाद करने की धमकीया देकर झूठे समझोते पत्र पर हस्ताक्षर करवाने की कोशिश की तो मैने नहीं किये!
You did that right.
फ़िर इन्होने महिला थाने में मुकदमा दर्ज करवा दिया!
CAW Cell is biased. This is wrong. We need to expose this wrongness in the Lego-Technical representation.
इसी दौरान मेरे माता पिता बीमार हो गये! घर का सम्पूर्ण  वातावरण तनावग्रस्त हो गया आत्महत्या जेसी स्थिति पैदा कर दी इन लोगों ने! मेरे माता पिता ने कहा कि इस झूठे समझोते पत्र पर हस्ताक्षर कर दो! क्योंकि ये लोग नौकरी जीवन बर्बाद करने की धमकिया दे रहे थे इस झूठे मुकदमे के माध्यम से!
You should NOT sign because as soon as you will sign this document, your government job is gone for sure. DO NOT SIGN THIS AT ANY COST.
इसी दौरान मेरे भाई की और मेरी प्रतियोगी परीक्षाए  थी, जिनमे हम मानसिक तनाव के कारण अच्छा प्रदर्शन नहीं कर सकें और मेरी एक परीक्षा छूट गई! हमें इसका बहुत भारी नुकसान हुआ है
Mental Cruelty resulting in losses. You may claim for damages but before that it is very essential that you order me to prepare a lego-technical representation for you.
तीसरी काउन्सलिन्ग में इन्होने दबाव बनाकर गलत शर्तो पर मुझसे हस्ताक्षर करवा लिये, इनमें से ही  एक व्यक्ति ने कहा कि हम संतुष्ट होंगे उसी तरह लिखवायेन्गे, फ़िर मैने कहा कि आप झूठ पर ही हस्ताक्षर करवायेन्गे तो दूसरे व्यक्ति ने कहा कि हाँ झूठ पर ही करवायेन्गे! "इस प्रकार कहते हुये" की स्पष्ट वीडियो रिकार्डिंग मेरे पास सुरक्षित हैं! एक फ़ोन रिकार्डिंग है जिसमें इस लड़की का भाई मुझे कह रहा है कि तुम अध्यापक हो परीक्षा में फ़र्जीवाडा करके इसे सरकारी नौकरी लगवाओ नहीं तो मुकदमा चलायेन्गे!
Do NOT show this video recording to any lawyer. Do NOT tell any police or court that you have this video recording or audio recording. You must get this lego-technical representation prepared by me (i.e., aturchatur) so that you may legally or technically come in such a position which helps you win over these false cases & mental cruelty.
यह लड़की मुझसे अधिक Qualified हैं
Very good. That’s why she may be frustrated that you are in Govt Job and she is pennyless. This is a classic case of disgruntled wife.

अब तक भी इस लड़की और मेरे बीच कोई बातचीत नहीं है! यह लड़की तलाक के माध्यम से सरकारी नौकरी लगना चाहती हैं और पैसा लेना चाहती हैं!
Govt JOB THROUGH Divorce ?????
NOT possible.
But YES, this is Legal Extortion in fullest form.
हमारे साथ धोखा अभी भी लगातार जारी है! इस लड़की ने 13जून 2017 को झूठा मुकदमा दर्ज करवा कर बहुत बड़ा धोखा किया है
दूसरा बडा धोखा 10 जुलाई 2017 को झूठे समझोते पर हस्ताक्षर करवा कर किया है
Q. 1अब मुझे क्या करना चाहिए
Lego-Technical Representation banvaniu chahiya tumhe from me i.e., aturchatur
2.मुझे तलाक लेना चाहिए या इस  धोखे गोना नहीं होने के आधार पर विवाह को शून्य करवाना चाहिए
Repudiation of marriage and NOT nullification. Divorce NOT recommended because as soon as u file for divorce, the DV and 498a will become effective on you.
3.मुझे इस लड़की पर फ़ोन वीडियो रिकार्डिंग के आधार पर कौन कौन से मुकदमे दर्ज करवाने चाहिए
Just Lego-Technical Representation ko file karo. This LTR will include everything in it. I will include many counters within this LTR. This LTR will be prepared in the form of Challenge plus counters.
This may help you in the long run.
4.क्या मैं इसके झूठे शपथ पत्र को Perjury के आधार पर कोर्ट में पेश कर सकता हूँ
You can do anything to everything u feel like but do THAT which will be super effective. A this point of time, the best thing that you need is LTR.
5.क्या मैं इस पर मानहानि Malicious Prosecution का मुकदमा दर्ज करवा सकता हूँ ?
6.क्या मैं Compensation का मुकदमा दर्ज करवा सकता हूँ
NOT directly but after our LTR gets accepted and implemented it may help you a lot.
After that, there will be many possibilities.
7.क्या मैं इस "झूठे समझोते पत्र " को IPC Section 15, 1872 के कानून Under Coercion के तहत Free Consent नहीं होने के कारण रद्द करवा सकता हूँ
Yes, but why to file so many counter cases when within our one LTR we may invoke all these things. This may help you in the long run.
8.इन्होने पेसे माँगे थे, क्या मैं Money Extortion का मुकदमा दर्ज करवा सकता हूँ
Yes, but this is called LEGAL EXTORTION. And for legal extortion, the money extortion does NOT fit directly. The LTR fits here to expose her legal extortion legally or technically.
9.और कौन कौन सी धाराओ में मुकदमा दर्ज किया जा सकता है
Many many more. We will cover maximum possible provisions against her and against her witnesses including her parents within the LTR. Get that prepared immediately to fix them up immediately.
10.इन्होने गलत तरीके से एक सरकारी कर्मचारी (लोक सेवक) को परेशान किया है
Yuppp, hmmm, correct. An Indian Citizen may ALSO not be harassed so easily. Everyone has fundamental rights guaranteed vide constitution of india.
11.मैं Govt Job में अविवाहित के आधार पर लगा हूँ! क्या इससे कोई फ़र्क पड़ेगा
Yes, padh sakta hai. But I will prepare your LTR in such a manner that it doesn’t affect your Govt Job. This may NOT be done by any Lawyer or advocate because if you are trapped in yourself filing false cases (even small false allegation which u can NOT prove) then your Govt Job may come at stake. So you may need the expert draft assistance aturchatur (i.e., me) so that this LTR may help you get out safely from this false cases daldal. Read my personal opinion where I have written a lot about lawyers/ advocates or unethical practices or corruption. Get your Lego-Technical Representation (LTR) prepared from me so that I may assist you to get out of this mess legally or technically as per the best of my knowledge, Read the site SOCIALSTIGMA.IN for details about this LTR
Mediation u/s 89 CPC.. hmm....a big opportunity
@yogi wrote:
Dear Sir,
My brother's wife left our home in March 2016. Before leaving our home she threatened her father to committ suicide and took all jewellery with her. We tried to discuss with her and her famil members, relatives 3-4 times in a span of 8-9 months. But no response. In January 2017 she filed application at commissioner office, where my brother and her counselling was done 3 times in that particular month. In that counselling she put false allegations on me that, I am having bad intentions towards her and having adulterous eyes. She also said that when she told my brother about this at that time he beated her. Moving further she also alleged my father and mother that the whole incident was known by them and they did not pay attention on the issue. After hearing these allegations my brother told counselor that, he can't continue with her as she is claiming false allegations on whole family. She also gave an application of her false allegations against my brother and whole family at local police station.
She also alleged falsely that at the time she left our home in march 2016, my brother took her 130 grams jewellery she was wearing in front of her brother. We were all asked by police to come to the police station, and they took our statements.
Police understood the situation that she is claiming false allegations. But at this time she didn't file for NC or FIR, so police just took our statement. In April 2017 my brother filed for divorce in family court, she received the notice from belief. Then she appeared in familly court in the month of July, and the date has been given in August for counselling through a counselor. Now what she did is she filed a DV case against my brother and whole familly including me with same allegations with new more false allegations added to it. On 7th August we appeared before district court and court has asked both of them to go through mediation process, so again couselling happened for  3 times. First counselling was individual, for 2nd and 3rd counselling my brother was there but she didn't come. Now the court has given next date.
Kindly advice what we need to do in these circumstances

@aturchatur wrote:
My Reply is below in Red
Dear Sir,
Welcome yogi
My brother's wife left our home in March 2016. Before leaving our home she threatened her father to committ suicide and took all jewellery with her. We tried to discuss with her and her famil members, relatives 3-4 times in a span of 8-9 months.
Did u file any protection from arbitrary arrest related representation
But no response. In January 2017 she filed application at commissioner office, where my brother and her counselling was done 3 times in that particular month.
Do u mean women cell? Which place it happened and under SI or ASI? Did u people or anyone of you gave anything in writing? Have u audio or video recording? Were u guys threatened there or any shouting etc? mediation and counseling held there or not? Strange people were present there alongwith opp party who could be lawyers or their agents? Any other speial point u would like to inform me? Did that CAW matter held for 90 days or NOPT before lodging FIR? Mention all wrongs done to you guys?
In that counselling she put false allegations on me that, I am having bad intentions towards her and having adulterous eyes.
354 IPC – Aankhon se balatkar !!! hmmm, okay
She also said that when she told my brother about this at that time he beated her. Moving further she also alleged my father and mother that the whole incident was known by them and they did not pay attention on the issue.
Supporters of 354 IPC as per her
After hearing these allegations my brother told counselor that, he can't continue with her as she is claiming false allegations on whole family.
Your brother should hae contacted us that time itself.
She also gave an application of her false allegations against my brother and whole family at local police station.
NO, she already gave application in CP PHQ due to which u guys went to CAW.
She also alleged falsely that at the time she left our home in march 2016, my brother took her 130 grams jewellery she was wearing in front of her brother.
Her brother?? Is he in govt job?
We were all asked by police to come to the police station, and they took our statements.
Okay, you should have contacted me before this. Anyways…
Police understood the situation that she is claiming false allegations. But at this time she didn't file for NC or FIR, so police just took our statement.
Do NOT be misguided, the PS is duy bound to follow the procedure that’s why they delayed. If they would have understood your situation then there would have been NO FIR. You should have contacted me before reording your statements to PS, anyways…..
In April 2017 my brother filed for divorce in family court, she received the notice from belief.
Your brother was late in filing for divorce. I am sure you guys have missed many relevant points which are required to be put in divorce application especially when such divorce has been filed after CAW or FIR. Anyways, send me that divorce applicaion’s copy so I may guide you.
Then she appeared in familly court in the month of July, and the date has been given in August for counselling through a counselor.
Ok, this counseling is to make the 498a stronger against you in case this counseling fails. You needed some steps here which still may be taken.
Now what she did is she filed a DV case against my brother and whole familly including me with same allegations with new more false allegations added to it.
Are u guys living with her? Name of each of the other family members need to be removed vide a separate application. So, if you could send me the rebuttals i.e., how you deny each of her allegations? And also send me the copy of FIR so I may offer suggestions to you.
On 7th August we appeared before district court and court has asked both of them to go through mediation process, so again couselling happened for  3 times.
This was a very big opportunity for u which u might have lost. This was OT counseling. This is called MEDIATION i.e., a very big opportunity u/s 89 CPC.
First counselling was individual, for 2nd and 3rd counselling my brother was there but she didn't come.
OH MY GOODNESS!!! She is about to fail the mediation. She may probably be involved in unfair practices to fail this mediation and as soon as this mediation will fail the husband may be arrested by way of writing wrong mediation report. Kindly ask me to prepare a lego-technial representation r/w 89 CPC so that we may assist you in getting a favorable report prepared for u legally or technically as per the best of our knowledge i.e., to avoid any corruption on unethical practices by the wife in mediation process which is contrary to the very objective of 89 Section of Civil Proceudre Code.
Now the court has given next date.
Tell me all the dates when such mediation happened
Kindly advice what we need to do in these circumstances
You need to take steps NOW and that too IMMEDIATELY as the matter is in mediation and this is a big opportunity for you guys to get the matter settled forcefully legally or technically so kindly inform me all such dates of mediation and all the proceedings and all those papers signed by you during mediation so that we are able to prepare a LTR (Lego-Technical Representation) that best suits as per your case specifics.

Wife Poisoned Husband
@jaswinder singh wrote:
Dear sir my brother in law married in 2005.
He was staying in my father in law joint family.
His wife filed 498a in year 2014 and filed my wife name & my name also though we are living on other state 350km far.
All got bail and compromise and on written terms and conditions.
1. That boy will buy a car for girl immediately.
2. That girl will not abuse boy and his family members as she was doing.
3. Both shifted to new house away from our father in law house.
In May 2017 that lady poisoned boy and got him admitted to hospital and she asked family to call police for his statements but family in order to settle their married house conceal but in medical report poisoned came.
On third day that lady again poisoned boy and all happen again and family again concealed facts.
Bad luck of boy because he got accident and his shoulder broken but that lady left him and went to foreign trip with her family and two kids.
Now my saala filed divorce case on ground of mental cruelty and complaint case u sec 307.
That lady filed sec 125 and dv and again on al of us she named my wife and also my name in domestic violence PWDVA though we are not in any relation with them.
That lady is threatening 498 and if she filed this repeated 498a against me and my wife can I go to delhi high court for quashing.
Pls guide

@aturchatur wrote:
Dear jaswinder singh ji, need NOT worry because you guys are NOT in domestic relationship with her hence DV is NOT maintainable but that does NOT mean your names can be out easily using any lawyer or advocate. For this you need to get a Lego-Technical representation (LTR) which NOT just gets your & your wife’s name out of this mess but this may also help u in this DV repeated and 498a advance i.e., second 498a which is about to happen against you & your wife by your saala ji’s disgruntled wife. This is also legal terrorism.
existing dv and 498a repeatation is legal extortion but u need to expose this 2nd 498a using LTR
False 498a is a social stigma.
This social stigma need to be fought on the basis of a LTR (Lego-Technical Representation)
It is necessary to file a Lego-Technical Representation (in advance) by those distant relatives whose names are expected to be included in any such false 498a or repeated false 498a which is expected to happen.
Details of the LTR are given above at the SOCIALSTIGMA.IN website for your kind perusal

LTR may help in sending your wife to Jail
pawan wrote:
Chargesheet is filed.  377,307 and 509 is removed.  The medical was fake and doctor's denied to police when police went for verification. Case not yet started in court. 
I wanted to have some advice if u could help me.  I am not able to file counter cases against them.  Can u suggest me something more than defamation and perjury cases?

aturchatur wrote:
my reply in red given below
welcome pawan
Chargesheet is filed.  377,307 and 509 is removed.
this is right time to file LTR
The medical was fake and doctor's denied to police when police went for verification.
your wife may be sent to jail using a strong LTR hence highly recommended
Case not yet started in court. 
okay, then it’s right time to take action immediately before corruption and unethical practices destroy your life also as it may be happening to many men/ husbands in India
I wanted to have some advice if u could help me.
yes sure my pleasure
I am not able to file counter cases against them.
need not worry, I am here to assist you.
Can u suggest me something more than defamation and perjury cases?
yes, LTR is highly recommended to you at this moment. In 2014 and onwards I kept suggesting perjury but from 2017 onwards we may suggest you to file ARREST WARRANT &/or Other Suitable Action against the wife.


  1. NRI DOCTOR from USA2 January 2018 at 01:10

    Hi, I am NRI doctor from USA.
    My wife talks to her boyfriend and calls him to USA through her chats on internet when I am out for my job.
    Can I do something or should I sit hand on hand even after having these chat recordings in my laptop.
    What do you suggest so that I can get rid of such adulterous wife?
    She married me just for foreign citizenship. Any suggestion to protect me from false arrest or protect my family from false criminal cases will be highly useful.
    Thanking you in anticipation dear atur chatur sir. please help me.

    1. Dear NRI doctor from USA who is about to be trapped in false 498a or false domestic violence complaints.

      You need to file a LTR immediately. Read the details above at the website:-

  2. What is the right way to close a false FIR
    How can we close a false 498a First Information Report

    In the below link;-
    I found that the wife can even be sent to jail or

    Is that really possible?

    We all husbands are stressed by false cases, false DV Complaint, false FIR
    the real strategy should be to close false FIR in section 498a related false dowry harassment claims of the disgruntled wives and her relatives.

  3. if you are looking the best divorce lawyer in Delhi, India, then u are probably looking for some non-existent and non-reachable solution to end your matrimonial vows so the best divorce lawyer for NRI Matrimonial Disputes is you yourself MAN CELL

  4. closing of false 498a IPC fir16 December 2018 at 17:39

    if you have been charged with false FIR under section 498a IPC then the first step that comes to your mind is to close a false FIR or how to end a false FIR, BUT AS PER ME, WHY TO WAIT FOR THE fir TO GET REGISTERED and then start the fight and why not do some steps to close the false FIR before the registration of FIR itself i.e., closing of false CAW cell complaint.

    when the woman / wife goes to crime against women cell, then the first step is to get the complaint copy through RTI and for that I recently found a wonderful weblink:-
    and this website is so well written that you may definitely get the crime against women cell copy through right to information act application.

    and once you get RTI response i.e., false complaint which your wife filed in crime against women cell, then, the next step is to file a legal technical representation in such a manner that help you not just close the false caw cell complaint but also to protect you / husband and husband's entire family (those named in FIR) from arbitrary arrest and this is also known as protection from false and arbitrary arrest.

    LTR is the term or abbreviation used for a lego-technical representation or as we call it as Legal Technical Representation.

    And this is called LTR is because it may include legal aspects i.e., Judgments by upper courts &/or Supreme Court of India, and it may also include technical aspects i.e., the identity fraud, misrepresentation, 420 fraud, 340 CrPC Perjury or abuse of court and other counter tactics or challenges.

    NOTE:- If the false DV case has got summons issued against all your relatives (even non-domestic relatives) then you need to close a false DVC or how to close a false domestic violence complaint by RECALLING THE SUMMONS or RECALLING THE ORDER by the judge instead of running door to door challenging the summons in sessions court against non-domestic relatives or filing of quash petition under section 482 of criminal procedure code in High Court because these could be futile exercises in most of the cases as high court may direct you to goto trial court and file suitable representation and the High Court may never tell you what is a suitable action or suitable application to file in a lower court against illegal summons or against impugned order by the mahila court or by the judge handling domestic violence complaint of your wife.

    RECALLING THE SUMMONS or RECALLING THE ORDERS in which the summons got issued to non-domestic relatives needs to be challenged.

    it's highly recommended to close the false FIR or close the false CAW Cell complaint or close the false DV or false 125 crpc claim/ litigation at the initial stage itself instead of repenting later on. why not remove the names of non-domestic relatives through recall and why to beg before the judge to discharge them once they have been charged with a false DV despite being non-domestic relatives in a non-domestic relationship which is clearly in contrvention of the protection of women from domestic violence act 2005.

    go for closing of a false 498a FIR and learn the steps as to how to close a false FIR/ false CAW using the above tactics. thankssss

  5. hi, i am rajan gogoi from nagaland. my wife tortured me and fled back to her native delhi and in maurya enclave women cell filed a complaint.,
    i wish to learn some ways to close this false caw cell complaint. i have proofs of keeping her happy and spending on her and even depositing funds in her bank account.

    I have failed to attend counselling at CAW Cell twice and the counsellor at mahila cell called me and told me that FIR may happen any time.

    I want to know sir, as to how to close a false FIR u/s 498a IPC lodged by my wife which is about to happen and are my evidences of any help in closing a false FIR in false dowry or false domestic violence disputes in India

  6. Rajendra Kumar Sami17 January 2019 at 15:14

    How to close a false CAW complaint against husband (i have proofs) because my wife is alleging false allegations from day one of marriage and the marriage lasted for several years.

    Also wanted to know Can dowry case be filed after 7 years of marriage? and is there any possibility of counter cases or filing cases against wife before she files a false dowry complant against the husband. I mean Can husband filed case against wife? and in reality What is CAW cell? or a crime against women cell and also tell me as to, how to get CAW Cell Complaint Copy using RTI?

    What is the right procedure to file a reply with crime against women cell in a manner that would help closing a false caw cell complaint?

    can wife file a direct FIR against husband if the police refuse to file a FIR or in situations where the false CAW Cell complaint has been closed legally or technically by the crime against womenh cell or mahila thana or women cell?

    Rajendra Kumar Sami
    Non Resident Indian from Delhi stayed in USA as a NRI BUT had to return to INDIA due to levelling of false allegations by disgruntled wife so I was looking for ways to close or end a false caw cell complaint of false FIR u/s 498a IPC

  7. I am thankful of following the superb advises offered by Chatur Sir.
    The Complaint of my wife at CAW Cell has been closed.
    I am NOT sure if my wife may still have some guts or confidence to move an application u/s 156(3) to get the FIR registered through district court.
    But if that's done, then I am surely going to get expert guidance from Hon'ble Chatur Bhai regarding how to close a false FIR under section 498a of Indian Penal Code.

    Great help!!
    and highly recommended.

    so for all husbands suffering from false FIR and false CAW Cell Complaint, the only suggestion or recommendation from my side is:-
    go boys, go break 498a with LTR


  8. I am highly thankful to aturchatur for helping NRI's like my brother as we were successful in having the false CAW Cell complaint closed within the CAW Cell itself by filing the LTR.
    Great Service and highly recommended to all NRI victims especially from Delhi.
    Shweta, Delhi

  9. Rajan Gogoi Misra7 February 2019 at 21:04

    I want to know the procedure to close a FIR especially my questions are:-

    Can Police Close FIR?
    If yes, then what are the steps to close FIR by police

    How to Cancel FIR u/s 420 espcially if we have not done anything?
    and the charges are fake prima facie so why should we face trial

    What is the time limit for closing a FIR with the police?
    I mean is there any minimum or maximum time limit as per the law of limitations act or therwise to close or cancel a false FIR

    In India, can the FIR be taken back my the complainant?
    In case complainant settles the matter with the accused and what is the role of plea bargaining in this case and how is Plea Bargaining different from Mediation or Settlement of a criminal case with Zero Cost Settlement or One Time Settlement

    Can I withdraw a police complaint after FIR has been lodged?
    Why and why no? and what's the process to be followed to withdraw a complaint which has become a FIR now? Thanks

    Best way to clear the FIR allegations & close a case permanently
    i.e., is there some set procedure to be followed to close a FIR without going for quash u/s 482 crpc in High Court?

    Can a FIR be withdrawn by the complainant? Why or Why not?

  10. Validity of Foreign Divorce in India by NRI husband in USA27 February 2019 at 02:56

    Hi Friends,
    I was looking for validity of foreign divorce taken in USA by husband who is a NRI and his wife fled to India to file a false 498a

    I landed across the website below:-

    Then I came in contact of atur chatur sir, who taught me the right steps to close a false FIR using B-Report which may be done by filing a LTR fair and unbiased investigation.

    Just feel like saying thank you to aturchatur sir and his entire team


  11. Men Cell in Delhi is the one stop solution if you are looking for Men's helpline in Delhi or Man Cell in Delhi or a helpline for harassed husbands in Delhi.

    When someone gets a false FIR u/s 498a ipc registered by his wife, then, first thing that comes to the mind is helpline for harassed husbands in India or men's rights activists delhi i.e., where a harassed husband may file complaint against the wife in delhi.

    The complaint letter against wife in Delhi may be suggested by men cell in delhi in the form of man cell in south delhi, man cell in rohini or man cell delhi contact number.

    Similarly, if a Non Resident Indian boy married in India or marries a girl from Delhi and she files subsequently a false complaint with women cell in Delhi i.e., at Crime Against Women Cell in Delhi which is also known as CAW Cell Delhi then the NRI husband may start looking for NRI MEN CELL IN DELHI or a NRI HELPLINE IN USA/ UK or simply a helpline for harassed husbands in Delhi.

    Since the male harassment cases in India especially in Delhi are on a rise and therefore Delhi may not be just called only as a rape capital but also a false 498a harassment capital and therefore harassed husbands helpline in Delhi may lead you to man cell in delhi or you may check for male harassment in India statistics by way of save indian family of delhi helpline numbers in delhi or simply men's right whatasapp group in Delhi

    At Man Cell Delhi we provide the men with atur chatur counselling in which guidance is provided regarding how to file false cases. Also RTI , dp3, extortion, perjury, malicious prosecution, crpc 91, 21-b etc type fighting tactics are guided to you so that you can fight the false cases on you & your family at your own.

    mobile :- +91-9873540498
    free ebook:-

  12. A Non Resident Indian (NRI) husband when trapped in a false 498a FIR looks for help seeking Quash Petition or Samples of a Quash Application u/s 482 Criminal Procedure Code.

    But, in order to have a better discussion on the dowry laws procedures and especially relating to closing of a false FIR under section 498a ipc FIR, then as per Atur Chatur, one may contact the NRI 498a Helpline in India for the NRI husbands.


    The above website for NRI Quash relates to some steps which may be done by a NRI before he files a quash petition so that the chances of success of a Quash Petition are higher for the simple reason that a Quash u/s 482 crpc or a Bail or Anticipatory Bail u/s 438 or u/s 439 CrPC may comes with conditions such as:-
    - Travel Restrictions
    - Passport Impounding
    - Attending Court or Joining Police Investigation by personal visit to India despite the busy schedule of the Non Resident Indian husband who may be working in USA/ UK/ Dubai/ Australia/ NZ etc

    Hence, vis-a-vis a NRI Men Cell or a Helpline for the NRI's especially for the NRI husbands to counter false 498a, the help may be sought from:-

    Since a false FIR is a human rights issue for a NRI husband, hence, it may be utmost necessary to invoke the Human Rights of the Non Resident Indian husband living abroad so that the wife does not get blue corner notice or god forbid even a red corner notice issued against a NRI by contacting USA Immigration against the NRI husband using her false, wild/ bald and concocted stories.
    Therefore, Human Rights of a NRI may be invoked by understaindg some key human rights issues related to a NRI husband listed at:-

    if any help is needed then contact any time (24 hours):-


    or visit the website:-

  13. A Non Resident Indian (NRI) husband may get his passport seized and if he is so scared of false 498a ipc FIR or soft laws for women in India then he may start running like proclaimed offnder or he may start avoiding the summons or notices and this ignoring of false 498a may cost dear to the husband.

    When the Non Resident Indian husband applies for Anticipatory Bail or Bail under sections 438 or 439 of criminal procedure code then he may be shocked to hear the conditions laid down by the court while rejecting his bail application vis-a-vis:-
    - Passport Seizure
    - Travel Restrictions
    - Look Out Circular Issues
    - Passport Impounding
    - Proclaimed Offender Issues
    - Attending Court or Joining Police Investigation by personal visit to India despite the busy schedule of the Non Resident Indian husband who may be working in USA/ UK/ Dubai/ Australia/ NZ etc
    - Red Corner Notice or a Blue Corner Notice
    - and so on

    Hence, a NRI husband needs to be extremely cautious while travelling to India when the 498a FIR is on because this false 498a ipc complaint/ FIR by wife in the PS or within the Crime AgainstWomen (CAW) Cell may cause some real troubles for the NRI especially in the Immigration.

    For Example:-
    If the NRI husband is staying in USA on a H1 B Visa, and the wife approcahes US Immigration or Indian Immigration in the USA/ American Peninsula.

    So, dear Non Resdient Indian husband, even if your wife has played some mischief with you by way of L1 Fraud and she married you just to get herself settled in USA Virginia with her boyfriend and you were just a puppet then you need to file counter LTR against the wife or at least a SILENT LTR to protect yourself from false and arbitrary arrest and if you do NOT fear the arrest in false 498a FIR then at least you may learn the legal procedure to close a false FIR in India.

    Since a false FIR is a human rights issue for a NRI husband, hence, it may be utmost necessary to invoke the Human Rights of the Non Resident Indian husband living abroad so that the wife does not get blue corner notice or god forbid even a red corner notice issued against a NRI by contacting USA Immigration against the NRI husband using her false, wild/ bald and concocted stories.
    Therefore, Human Rights of a NRI may be invoked by understaindg some key human rights issues related to a NRI husband listed at:-

    Similarly, there may be men rights for nri's in India to guide them about real men rights activists in India and also teach them about some people with vested interests or political interests cartying out bogus men rights organisations at India Gate Delhi or elsewhere all over India. To know more, check:-

    if any help is needed then contact any time (24 hours):-


    or visit the website:-

  14. A Non Resident Indian (NRI) husband may start looking for best NRI Lawyer in Delhi when his wife goes to Crime Against Women Cell (CAW) in Delhi and she files multiple false cases against the Non Resident Indian Husband vis-a-vis false dowry claims.

    Instead of a best NRI Laqwyer in Delhi or a best NRI Dowry cases lawyer in Delhi or a best 498a counter cases Lawyer in Delhi or best advocate in Delhi, it is suggested to the NRI to get in touch with aturchatur and file a LTR as per the given link below:-

    Hence, when a Non Resident Indian's wife leaves USA and goes to India without his consent or avoids to come back to USA/ abroad with the NRI, then the NRI must immediately file a LTR instead of waiting for the wife to take a step ahead.

    Similarly, a LTR Fair and Unbiased Investigation and also a LTR Protection from False and Arbitrary Arrest and also a LTR Protection from False Cases, are the three major types of LTR which a NRI may file immediately when a wife goes to CAW or a FIR is lodged at PS.

    if any help is needed then contact any time (24 hours):-


    or visit the website:-

  15. A Non Resident Indian (NRI) husband may get issued against him a proclamation order under section 82 of the criminal procedure code but as per sub section (4) of section 82 of the crpc, such a proclamation order is false and arbitrary and is therefore null and void in cases relating to matrimonial disputes because section 498a ipc is not registered as a crime under sub section 4 i.e., list of crimes for which such an order may be passed.

    Hence, a NRI may not be made a proclaim offender or absconder in a false 498a ipc FIR. And even in cases of Indian resident husbands, the proclaim offender may not be legally or technically issued against a husband in a matrimonial dispute involving section 498a ipc or 406 ipc or 34 ipc charges

    And even in matters pertaining to 120B or Dowry Prohibition Act 3 & 4 rules, i.e., 3 & d/p act, the PO may not be declared legally or technically by the court, and if any court issues any such illegal orders then this needs to be challenged. For details please visit:-

    Similarly, for a Red Corner Notice or a Look Out Circular Notice against a NRI (Non Resident Indian) husband need be cancelled immediately and the passports seized need to be revoked but after knowing the right steps for:-

    Similarly, Section 498a ipc is being grossly misused in India and due to this reason there is possibility of creation of a men cell in delhi by the government of india in near future but if you wish to know What is Section 498a? and Is Section 498a non bailable?
    Is 498a applicable after 7 years?
    Can 498a case be withdrawn?
    then you need to update yourself with 498a amendment vis-a-vis section 498a punishment and also punishement for wife who files false 498a charges against husband as per the 498a judgments and therefore the punishment for misuse of 498a may act as a deterrent and also as protection against section 498a ipc so get yourself with 498a latest update in 498a cases by visiting the following link:-

    if any help is needed then contact any time (24 hours):-


    or visit the website:-

  16. Atur Chatur Sir from NRI 498A HELPLINE may suggest the Non Resident Indian (NRI) some fighting tactics to those NRI's whose wives have filed false 498a ipc FIR against them and such NRI husband may not have to come to India to fight or close a false 498a ipc FIR and any such false 498a and false divorce and false domestic violence complaint filed by wife in India need to be fought from abroad party in person without using the servivces of any advocate.

    Atur Chatur may suggest you the right legal procedure after FIR under section 498a of Indian Penal Code. This procedure under the legal or technical terms is called as fair and unbiased investigationbut if the FIR is false then the investigation is bound to be false else either the complainant or the enquiry officer may get in trap of the clutches of law for getting a false FIR registered hence also in cases where the false FIR is registered by complainant using M power by the complainant wife then she may again use the M power to bribe the investigation officer because the FIR is false and when a FIR is false then the procedure for investigation has to be biased otherwise a B Report may get presented instead of a Charge Sheet.

    Hence, the right legal procedure for investigation after FIR requires:-
    (b) Unbiased Investigation
    (c) Procedure to investigate each and every allegation
    (d) Procedure to issue CrPC 91 Notice to the complaint to submit proofs or evidences in support of her false, wild, bald allegations, after thoughts and concocted stories.

    In Delhi, there may be team working to help against false FIR in Delhi or to help against false CAW Cell Complaint by Wife in Delhi, who in order to harass their Non Resident Indian husbands from USA/ UK etc may try to extort money from them vis-a-vis Legal Extortion hence, the Delhi Men Rights Activists or Men Cell Delhi may be contacted at:-

    Therefore, it can be seen that after FIR, the procedure for investigation after FIR demans strict counter action against a false FIR complainant as and when it is established that the allegations are false i.e., without any legs to stand on.

    When Prima Facie no case is made out i.e., when the case is not maintainable under the eyes of law, then as per the right technical and legal procedure after FIR, the investigation officer needs to prepare counter Charge Sheet against the complainant wife who lodged false FIR against the NRI husband deliberately and wilfully.

    if any help is needed then contact any time (24 hours):-


    or visit the website:-

  17. Men's Helpline in Delhi for NRI's is provided. The help is also provided to men/ boys/ husbands who are not a NRI (non resident indians)
    Call:- 9873540498

    Domestic Violence & Dowry Laws Experts are available for the NRIs & also for the Indian Businessmen trapped in false police complaints by their wives. If you have difficulty in learning the Domestic Violence & Dowry Laws & 498a or CrPC 125, then we can train you very well in all these areas. We specialise in False FIR 498a, False FIR Domestic Violence & Dowry Laws & False FIR CrPC 125 also.
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    Learn 498a | Domestic Violence & Dowry Laws | CrPC 125 in as early in 20 classes based upon the level of the candidiate.
    498a | CrPC 125 | Domestic Violence & Dowry Laws | Expert | DELHI | These three subjects viz., 498a, Domestic Violence & Dowry Laws & CrPC 125 are the only three false cases in which we specialise. You can learn proper 498a, CrPC 125 & Domestic Violence & Dowry Laws & communicate confidently with the people surrounding you.
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  18. man helpline delhi (9873540498)

    this helpline provides help Non Resident indians working abroad in fighting false 498a and false divorce and other cases filed by wife while the NRI is abroad and this helpline may help the husband fight or contest and close a false 498a or other false cases from abroad without coming to India and without even using any vakalatnama or an advocate / lawyer/ counsel/ solicitor etc

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