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How to close false CAW or false FIR?

aturchatur                             Email:- False CAW Cell Complaint must be broken down even before a harassed husband is allowed to see the CAW Complaint. This urgency in breaking a false CAW Complaint is important but instead of that the harassed husbands are being misguided & demoralized by unscrupulous l@wyers (by saying these things to CAW Cell Husbands) as follows:- WRONG SUGGESTIONS   [ ✘ ] (a) Do NOT worry about false CAW Cell Complaint, YOU WILL EASILY GET ANTICIPATORY BAIL   [ ✘ ] OR WRONG SUGGESTIONS   [ ✘ ] (b) Shift the CAW Cell Complaint from Police Station to Court SO THAT POLICE DOES NOT HARASS YOU   [ ✘ ] OR WRONG SUGGESTIONS   [ ✘ ] (c) Your wife filed CAW Cell Complaint from another Jurisdiction SO YOU DO NOT GO TO CAW CELL   [ ✘ ] OR WRONG SUGGESTIONS   [ ✘ ] (d) Since you are a NRI and therefore CAW Cell has sent you email SO YOU MUST SEND AN EMAIL REPLY TO CAW CELL   [ ✘ ] OR WRONG SUGGESTIONS   [ ✘ ] (e) Since you